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Raging Stallion - A Porn Star is Born
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Cast: Shane Rollins, Michael Soldier, Michael Brandon, Jerek, Marco Montana, Victor Rios, Brendan Austen

Director Chris Ward, inspired by the 1937 version of "A Star Is Born," has created his most ambitious release to date with "A Porn Star Is Born." Like its inspiration, it's fraught with irony and high drama. Unlike the Janet Gaynor version, though, the titular star is discovered and deflowered -- on camera.

The leading man and star of the story is Michael Soldier, a tall, dark and handsome man with a perpetual five-o'-clock shadow. He's at the top of his game after winning awards for his performances and receiving gobs of press coverage. His lover, hunky porn virgin Shane Rollins, has been there by his side to bear witness to his rise as a porn star. In the end, as you have already guessed, Shane becomes a porn star, and Michael is left in the shadows stomping mad and clutching the proverbial pearls around his neck. That's showbiz, baby.

Michael Soldier handles the sardonic script with ease (he co-wrote it with Chris Ward), and Shane has just the right amount of ingenue left in him to come across as sweet and caring, even when he knows deep down in his rotten little heart that his success will be Michael's undoing. The melodrama, of course, is peppered with sex throughout, beginning with a scene-within-a-scene.

As the scene opens, Michael Soldier and Brendan Austen are on a porn movie set exchanging a few lines of dialogue. Brendan is an Australian muscle hunk with smooth pink skin and a pretty uncut pecker. They then exchange kisses and blows, and just as they're about to begin the fucking, the director, Marco Montana, joins them. Marco is a macho guy with a club of an uncut cock that Michael and Austen feast on. What's more, Marco enjoys their cocks, too, helping the proceedings along nicely. Austen and Michael then take turns fucking each other as Marco continues to feed them cock. Austen fucks the cum out of Michael, Marco squirts a load that sprays out like a lawn sprinkler, and Austen pops last, covering Marco's tummy in goo.

Shane and Michael Soldier have an after-work romantic interlude. Shane is a fair-skinned muscular fellow with cherry-red lips and a bubble-butt as shapely as any I've seen before (it's, well, bootylicious). He's the perfect contrast to Michael's harder, more devious look. They kiss and roll around on the bed, licking and sucking before Shane whomps a solid fuck into Michael, missionary and doggy, in a room with bright orange walls. Besides having a great ass, Shane also has a big fat dick, and Michael's groans of pleasure proves he knows how to use it. He fucks Michael to climax, and then Shane shoots his thick load.

We're back on set, but this time it's Shane who's getting ready for his close-up -- with Michael Brandon, no less. Big-dicked Michael, who tells his co-star that he's an old hand at these things, coaches newbie Shane with a pep-talk and words to the wise. They are on a yacht and about to film a sex scene in broad daylight under the Golden Gate Bridge. And, honest to goodness, that's exactly what they do! They begin the sex in earnest, sucking cock in plain view of any motorist or jogger en route on the bridge, and Michael's extra-long dick shines like a new penny in the bright sun. For a "first-timer," Shane really does a great job. Michael then rims the bouncy cheeks protruding from Shane's backside before fucking them standing-doggy (Shane backs that thang up with a force equal to Michael's thrusts) and then missionary so hard it's a wonder Shane wasn't fucked overboard. The fucking is quite sensational -- Michael plugs the hole with a vengeance. Michael fucks the cum out of Shane, a very thick load, indeed, and Michael follows with a nice shot.

Shane takes the porn world by storm, garnering the attention Michael Soldier once enjoyed. And, to add insult to injury, he even wins the same award Michael won the previous year at the San Francisco Porn Awards (emceed by a glamorous drag queen, natch). Drunk and feeling dejected, Michael goes home to watch, for the first time, one of Shane's porn performances. The scene he watches is from a flick called "Probe." In it, Shane, Victor Rios and Jerek have sex in what appears to be a space-age discotheque. Victor is a muscular Latino with a thick brown cock, and Jerek is a sleek pretty-guy with a long dick. They have a feisty time trading blows and such before Victor fucks Shane standing-doggy, Shane fucks Jerek standing-doggy, and Shane missionary-fucks Jerek. They all pop off nice cum-shots as the scene fades to black.

In the end, Michael Soldier becomes a rock star (singing the movie's theme song, "Porn Is the New Black," in a bar), reconciles with his porn star boyfriend, and lives happily ever after. See, a happy ending, just like in Hollywood. The end.
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