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Shotgun Shock Therapy 512x384 1h19m54s avi
BDSMbondageCBTchainselectro-stimextreme painleatheranal action (if any) is always 'safe sex'
SHOCK THERAPY 512x384 1h19m54s AVI 649 mbs

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Featuring: Roger, Dave North, Michael Evans, Pete Magnum, Bart Conyers, Jeff Hilo, Rob Camma, Ron Kenna

Dave North is back for an extended pair of punishment sessions. First a modified, more powerful "relax-a-cisor" shock generator is wired to his testicles and maxed out on a screaming Dave. Then four days later (he needed time to recover) he gets punched and slugged to orgasm again.

Pete Magnan returns for a brutal shocking/slugging session of his own. How can these guys stand, much less walk, after getting racked like this? These tapes in the Testicle Punishment series are very rough and not for beginners.

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