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Fox - Barnstorm (1996) DVD
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Ace Harden
Donnie Russo
Mikel Karr
Phil Bradley

Ace Harden stars as the stud ranch hand who keeps getting hit on by almost everyone on the ranch. Phil Bradley plays the part of a greedy real estate developer who will stop at nothing to get possession of the ranch. Donnie Russo plays the part of a gangster hired by Phil, who intends to throw a wrench into the financial workings of the ranch. Ex-marine Michael Carr stars as the horny son of the ranch owner who just can't keep his hands off anyone. Wolf makes his actual screen debut as a hired stud who starts the sexual ball rolling with the son. Ace is a rare porn star, a young man's man who has all of his co-stars melting at the thought of being the center of Ace's attention. His rock hard body and big thick cock make his sexual performance dynamic, an unforgetable stud. Hunky Phil Bradley simply lusts after Ace's cock. It made for a hot three-way when Michael Carr gets in the middle. A hot cast certainly worthy of a Fox Studio Video.
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