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Title: Undercover Adventure
Runtime: 89 minutes
Stars: Areerat, Sootjai, Pakdee, Kitichai, Chanalong, Sutan
Director: John Hayman

Description: Dreamy Areerat is cruising the park finding mostly flora and little fauna until he spots dimpled Sootjai. After a bit of requisite circling, he snags his dream and off to more private digs they go. Here Areerat discovers a fine working dick and avails himself of other pleasures, too. Next, the camera finds a bedroom of hastily strewn belongings as it makes its way from chair to table to the shower where Pakdee and Kitichai are eagerly washing each others unmentionables. But this really isn't about bathing and the two are soon fully engaged in sucking and fucking and a satisfying range of other intimate activities. Then, the camera emerges in almost total darkness to find luscious Chanalong singing to himself by the pool. A door opens in the distance as Sutan makes his way poolside to find a glorious spectacle who he immediately drags home for examination under improved lighting. Turns out Chanalong has a nice long turgid dick and the two guys dig into complete mutually satisfying sex-play.

Sex Acts: Anal Sex, Rim Job, Handjob, Oral Sex, Male On Male Action, Blowjob, Showering/Bathing
Positions: Standing Doggy Style, Standing Missionary, Laying, Kneeling, Standing, Sitting, Side Saddle, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
Settings: Bedroom, Shower

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Movie Title: Undercover Adventure
Production date: 2006-10-24
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

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Island Caprice
711 E. Walnut St. Suite 211
Pasadena, CA
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