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Cazzo - Fucking Lost
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Cum filled guys wander through dark, damp ruins on a search for some meat to fuck. In the shower room of an old factory, bald muscle stud Yenier works over furry Marcello. Showing no mercy, he thrusts his rock-hard rod first down Marcello’s throat and then up his hungry butthole. He slams him harder and harder against the wall during a standing fuck, but this little piggy can’t be worn down!

Tim gets caught by two security guards, who work him over hard. After fucking him into submission, they shoot their loads all over his face. Cute Ivan is another one who needs two studs at once to bring out the pig in him. Felix watches Anton beat his meat. No sooner has Anton shot his load than he pounces on Felix' tasty bubble butt.

Marcello Bellano (in his Cazzo debut) + Yenier (Notgeil, Desktops)
In the shower room of an old factory, furry Marcello fantasizes about strong, sweaty laborers as he jerks his fat cock. That’s right where bald muscle stud Yenier was planning to rub one out too. Yenier discovers Marcello and works him over. Showing no mercy, he thrusts his rock-hard rod down Marcello’s throat. This guy needs it rough! Yenier rims out Marcello’s ass and Marcello’s butthole pushes hungrily towards him. Yenier fucks Marcello while standing up, slamming him harder and harder against the wall. But this little piggy can’t be worn down.

Edward Fox (Sommerloch, Roboter) + Leo (Model Check 2) + Tim (in his Cazzo debut)
Blond stud Tim gets caught poking around by two security guards, who punish him severely. Edward Fox slams his monster cock deep down Tim‘s throat before turning him over to his scowling co-worker Leo. Poor Tim has to constantly go back and forth between the two guys, who take turns working him over. And they have fun doing it. Finally Edward mounts Tim and rides him ragged. After being fucked into submission, Tim gets a double load, as both men shoot all over his face.

Anton Dickson (in his Cazzo debut) + Felix Barca (Versaut, Keller)
Muscle stud Felix Barca is prowling around a huge dilapidated building. But he‘s not alone. Blond bearded Anton is so horned up that he has to beat his meat. When he realizes that Felix is watching him, he gets even more turned on--he loves showing off his gorgeous cock. No sooner has Anton shot his load than he’s all over Felix, who is more than willing to spread his muscular legs for such a brazen guy. With Felix’ cute bubble butt in his face, Anton is ready for another round right away. He gets Felix’ hole all wet with his tongue, and then rams his rod right in.

David Novak (Versaut) + Carlo Cox (Berlin Privat 6)
Bear cub David walks in on brawny security guard Carlo Cox jerking off. Carlo chases David through the big old hospital until he finally catches him, then plugs his mouth with his cock and makes him rim out his ass. David goes along with it all obediently, and macho Carlo gives him a thorough fucking.

Paulus Güel (Model Check 2, Keller), T-Bow (Big Business, Nasty Nightmares) + Ian Sevt (in his Cazzo debut)
Cute Ian isn't as innocent as he looks. He’s giving his buddy Paulus a blow job and notices that they’re being watched by T-Bow. And before you know it, Ian’s eagerly servicing them both. Even after they've worked him over, he still hasn't had enough. He sits on Paulus’ cock and rides him until they shoot.
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