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Staxus - Wild Weekend Festival, Sc 4: Pretty Little Spanish Boys Fuck Like Men To A Hot Facial Finish! (Alec Loob, Ruben Bart)
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Wild Weekend Festival, Sc.4: Pretty Little Spanish Boys Fuck Like Men To A Hot Facial Finish! HD

Added: 24/June/2017
Duration: 21 minutes, 44 seconds
Studio: Staxus

Featuring: Alec Loob, Ruben Bart


Having spent their day at a crazy sex festival, shoulder-to-shoulder with scores of highly horned-up guys, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that young twinks, Ruben Bart and Alex Loob, can’t wait to get back to their hotel room to expend a little of their pent-up sexual energies. As such, there’s very little time for your usual foreplay between these two lads – indeed, Bart actually has Loob’s cock in his mouth in pretty much less than a minute! Romance, it seems, is definitely not too much of an issue here, that’s for fucking sure; but Loob – who has been busy riding dick for the crowds for much of the past few hours – hardly seems to care.

The truth of the matter is that his greedy little fuck-hole is buzzing with excitement already; and you sense that his decision to gobble on Bart’s cock in return is but a means of distracting him from the clearly insatiable urges that are currently transfixing his brain. He is, to all intents and purposes, a total sex-addict; and it comes as a distinct relief to the boy when, prepped and positioned on all fours, he finally achieves his goal to get skewered by his achingly-hot pal.

Cue a fantastic display of barely-legal rutting that sees the lad banged in a wide range of positions – most notably taking Bart’s joystick reverse-cowboy style, his pert little arse bouncing up and down for all it’s worth in the process. Little wonder that the cocky little power-bottom finds himself at the point of no return in next to no time; and where better to unload a satisfying wad of sticky, gooey goodness than all over Bart’s face? Pretty little twinks deserve no less, after all!
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