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Falcon-Jocks - Rimshot (1991) mp4
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Craig Hoffman
Danny Sommers
Glenn Steers
Mark Andrews
Sean Carrera
Todd Fuller

1. Damien, Danny Sommers
Damien corners Danny Somers in the locker room. Damien wastes little time before attacking Danny's rigid pole, deep-throating the shaft from the head down to the cum laden balls. Danny's animal nature begins to take hold as he watches the hot stud suck his dick and he moves in on Damien's huge thick prick. The men devour each other's cocks in a wild 69'ing fest that has both of them groaning with unbridled desire as they fill their mouths to capacity with big rigid dicks. While Damien works Danny's hot cock, his fingers find their way to the sweet hole now twitching with anticipation. Damien can't resist Danny's beautiful ass and he probes his tongue deep into the crevice. After priming Danny's asshole, Damien makes the final assault, slamming his cock deep into Danny repeatedly. Finally in a burst of crazed momentum these two sex studs erupt pools of cum.

2. Todd Fuller, Craig Hoffman
On the bed of his pick-up truck, blond athlete Todd Fuller begins to suck on Craig Hoffman's mammoth dick. Tod has never seen a dick this large before and he gets so excited by this huge power tool that he hungrily sucks the big prick. Craig responds wildly and with no mercy fucks the hot jock's mouth and throat. The giant dick rams deep into Todd's begging mouth, filling his throat beyond the limit. Craig soon grabs Todd's rigid dick and begins to devour it, but Todd isn't going to let go of Craig's enormous piece of meat and as he is being eagerly sucked he moves back onto the huge dick. These two suck each other, heating up to the boiling point. They engulf each other's man rods with unabated zeal until Todd begs for Craig to fill his ass with that unbelievably enormous cock. Craig thrusts his huge dick into Todd's straining hole causing Todd to groan from the impact as he fills the surrendered stud to capacity with the giant intruder.

3. Sean Carrera, Mark Andrews
Sean Carrera walks into the locker room and discovers Mark Andrews playing with his cock and caressing his muscled body. Soon Sean's devouring every inch of the big dick with his hungry mouth. Mark turns around on the locker room bench and Sean grabs his engorged dick and sucks the handsome jock from behind. Mark is driven by a crazed ravenous desire to suck on Sean's beautiful hard dick. He stuffs his mouth full with cock and drives Sean into sexual frenzy. Sean's gorgeous butt is ready for the taking and Mark begins to finger the prized quarry which is just beyond the milk whitebuttocks. With Sean panting from sensual exhiliration, Mark plows his rock hard cock into Sean's inviting hole. Mark overwhelms the stud, his washboard stomach rippling with each heavy thrust. Mark forces Sean over to a locker bank and ruthlessly fucks him, pounding him until both men release their pent up energy in streams of cum.

4. Glenn Steers, Danny Sommers
Glenn Steers has finished doing laps when he sees lover Danny Somers catching some rays. Danny's smooth chiseled physique sends a pang of desire through Glenn's muscle body and he swims over to Danny, forcing his swimsuit off and sucking on Danny's hard cock. Glenn's mouth probes the ass crack which relaxes the rock hard butt, inviting Glenn to tongue deeper. Glenn's cock is throbbing and he shoves his dick into Danny's mouth. Danny groans while Glenn thrusts his dick to the back of Danny's throat With both men in the throes of wild burning heat, Glenn plunges his giant pole into Danny's twitching hole. Glenn pummels Danny's hungry hole. "You like daddy's dick, don't you, boy" the aggressive stud asks as he continuously pile drives the eager jock. "Yeah, I need daddy's dick!" Danny yells out. They build up to a fever pitch, reaching the pinnacle of sexual rapture, when they blast loads of cum all over Danny's tanned body

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