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ChaosMen - 2150 - Barton and Nikolai Rapid RAW (720p)
I was going to have these guys flip-fuck, but Barton has gotten more of a dad-bod look. He is thicker and has his body hair, and Nikolai Rapid looked like the young twink (Despite being 23!) I knew that I needed Barton to fuck Nikolai and to be in charge.

So, Barton has a bossier vibe and takes his Boy for a spin.

They swap oral, but Barton is mostly interested in rimming NikolaiÂ’s hole. Nikolai giggles a bit, being tickled by BartonÂ’s scuff, but then has an epiphany, grinding his ass back in to BartonÂ’s face, eager for more anal attention.

Barton flips Nikolai over, fingering his hole while stroking his cock until he practically begging to be fucked.

Barton then gets him doggie-style and easily slides his cock into NikolaiÂ’s Boy hole. Nikolai sure like getting fucked!

We have not quite got Nikolai to cum from being fucked yet, so Barton unloads inside of Nikolai first. Then, Nikolai catches up while Barton encourages him to bust his own nut.
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