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Freshmen Issue 2 - Oct 2016 (All 3 HD 720p Videos)
Bel Ami's celebrated Freshmen series (a "sequel" to the highly successful "Kinky Angels" series) got its start in October, 2016 (practically a VINTAGE set!)
Original MP4s were very large (well over 1GB each) for scenes that were about 20 mins each (on average). Later, a smaller image set was added - but at the European size of 816p or 810p, but file size was still over a GB for nearly all episodes.
I have re-coded these in a smaller 720p (H264 with MP3 sound) format "for collectors"

Freshmen E002S1 Justin Saradon & Oliver Coogan (BB2) [2016-10-27] 720p.mp4
Oliver Coogan & Justin Saradon - 20:07

This week you will get an archetypal twink scene with Oliver Coogan and Justin Saradon. Each of them is becoming a porn star in their own right and even though you may be able to see a little inexperience here and there in this scene, it is still very sexy.

Freshmen E002S2 Jamie Durrell & Thom Jacobs (BB) [2016-10-27] 720p.mp4
Thom Jacobs & Jamie Durrell - 19:56

When Thom Jacobs came to us first, about one and a half years ago, we filmed only a couple of scenes with him as we were unconvinced that you would  like him too much.  Obviously we were wrong, so we decided to film 6 more scenes for Freshmen.  Here we decided to combine him with Jamie Durrell.

Freshmen E002S3 Andre Boleyn & Tommy Poulain [2016-10-27] 720p.mp4
Tommy Poulain & Andre Boleyn - 19:46

Altogether we have 3 scenes with Tommy and Andre together.  You have already seen their blowjob in the last KinkyAngels, today we will present their Jerk Off scene and in 2 weeks you will see the full sex training scene.  In all cases we are eager for your feedback on Tommy (we already know what you think about Andre). He has filmed 12 scenes already but we are not sure about keeping him longer or not.
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