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CollegeDudes - Adrian Suarez And Zeke Weidman
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Adrian Suarez and Zeke Weidman are eager to taste cock as they make out, Adrian on his knees first to give Zeke head before swapping places so that Adrian can enjoy Zeke’s mouth around his hard prick.  But when Zeke’s done, Adrian wants another taste of Zeke’s sweet meat, leaning forward to grab that cock with his mouth before climbing on top of Zeke and 69ing, Zeke’s dick down Adrian’s throat and Adrian’s ass getting rimmed by Zeke.  Zeke’s wet tongue makes Adrian’s ass that much easier to fuck as he lines up his cock and pushes inside of him, filling him up as Adrian grinds his hips against Zeke’s dick, getting it deeper inside of him as he gets fucked.

When Zeke pulls out of Adrian, Adrian takes that chance to rim Zeke’s hole, his tongue lapping against that sensitive entrance before he fills it up with his hard shaft, taking Zeke from behind as they flip.  Thrusting into him slow and deep, letting Zeke feel every last inch enter him as they fuck, Adrian pulling Zeke closer before turning him over onto his back to pound him some more.  Zeke reaches for his own member, stroking it hard and fast with Adrian balls deep inside of him until he nuts hard and Adrian pulls out to cum, too!
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