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Dick Wadd - Wet Breeders

It's a hot day in Sunny San Diego and the boys are thirsty. The piss starts to fly from 5 different hung, hot, muscle studs. Parker is a greedy little pig and he is on his knees begging for piss from Chad Brock, Kamrun, and Justin Cox. He gets what he wants and more. After drinking his fill of man piss, he gives some back to fellow piss pig Chad Brock. Hogan Wade is watching all the action and his big thick cock is hard and in need of attention. Parker is more than happy to help and deep throats Hogan's big dick.

Part two and the piss is still flowing from the big cocks of our Wet Breeders cast. Parker wants more than piss and starts begging for cock. Hogan Wade stretches Parker's ass with his big dick, fucking him nice and hard while Matt Sizemore slides his cock down Parker's throat. Chad Brock and Kamrun add a little more piss to the fuck party and almost drown Parker as he gasps for air while getting fucked hard. Chad takes over for Hogan and fucks the first load into Parker's fuck hole. Cum oozes out of Parkers as Matt takes his turn on Parker's well bred hole. Matt deposits his own thick, creamy load and Hogan makes sure every drop is forced up inside Parker's guts. The boys have Mason Garet in the stockade and begin to feed him piss and cock from both ends. Mason can't get enough; he loves the abuse. They decide to take Mason inside the playroom to finish the job.

After having both ends relentlessly pounded, Mason Garet is mercifully let out of the stockade by Chad Brock and led into the playroom. After he hops into the sling, Matt and Chad take turns fucking Mason's hot hole. Mason gets fucked so deep it pushes the piss from his full bladder. After some deep, hard fucking, Chad cools off Mason's pushed out rosebud with his piss. Matt and Kamrun do the same, flooding Mason's stretched out man hole with their own piss loads. Hogan Wade slams his fat cock into Mason's mouth while Justin Cox slams his big drippin' black dick up Mason's ass. Justin breeds Mason with such a huge load that, when he pulls out, the cum flows from Mason's ass like a white river.

Chad Brock is in the piss tub and that hot fucker is thirsty. Chad takes some piss from Matt Sizemore and Kamrun, then wets himself down with his own recycled piss. Big muscle stud Hogan Wade is lying on his back on top of the breeding turntable. After Matt fucks Hogan's hot ass and breeds him deep, he spins the table and presents Hogan's ass to the next breeder. The other men take turns fucking Hogan's hairy hole. They spin him around like they're playing spin the bottom. Throw in some piss and you have one hot Wet Breeding scene.

Hogan Wade's hairy hole needs some stretching after getting bred by Justin Cox. Mason Garet has just the right tool for that job. Mason uses his 16" X 8" strap-on dildo to stretch Hogan's ass to its very limit. Not only is Hogan able to take the amazing girth of this dildo, but his hungry hole swallows all 16 inches. The other pigs in the room are getting a real show and their hard dicks shows how much they're enjoying it. Chad Brock has to find a place for his throbbing cock, so he sticks it up Parker's ass. That's all Parker needed to send him over the edge. He shoots a giant load onto Hogan's face, feeding him a well deserved cum load. Hogan also has a load of cum ready to shoot and Mason is more than eager to swallow every drop.
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