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College Boy Physicals - Humping For Hemp - Dr Mike Edge and Bruno Cox
I was gonna get that medical marijuana card by hell or high water even if it meant blackmailing the doctor into giving me one. When he told me I was disqualified I made it clear to him that if I didn't get one I would tell the Dean that he was fucking the patients. And to sweeten the deal for me..I was horny as fuck and wanted to stick my dick in his butthole...and who better than him. After assuring him I wasn't kidding...he pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick. Once I got hard I bent him over and rammed my cock up his ass. The smell of sex filled the room. I made sure to get my money's worth by nailing him bent over the exam table and then on his back where I shot my load all over his stomach.

11 October, 2018
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