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BoyFun - Austin Cook Audition - MP4 1080p
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Added: Sep 01st, 2019


Some boys are pretty straightforward with their wanking enjoyment, but then there are boys like Austin Cook who really know how to enjoy their solo BoyFun. This slim and sexy young man has everything going for him, that's why we're certain you're going to be back to see him again and again. The cute boy is small in stature, slim and smooth, but with a tight body built from playing hockey and swimming every week. You can see from his tan lines that he likes the outdoors, a fact which becomes more apparent when he's finally naked and toying with his big meaty cock. While other boys might focus almost entirely on their dick, Austin knows a thing or two about ass play, lifting his legs and showing us his tight and tempting little pucker, inviting you to come and explore him. And who wouldn't want to get in there with a tongue, a finger or a hard length of dick? He'd welcome you too, he might be sweet and twinky but this boy knows how to enjoy a good dick. Watch as he works his length and shows off his impressive cock, closing his eyes and perhaps thinking of a friend while his balls bounce and his foreskin slips up and down over his tip, his helmet bulging and wet, ready to start splashing cum over his tight body. As the pleasure crests and takes over his hard teen dick explodes with a shower of warm cock cream, his load leaping from his tip in spurt after spurt, raining down over his chest and abs in a satisfying finish that has us all joining in with him. If he cums like that just enjoying his own cock we wonder how much he might spurt when he has a friend to join him.

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