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Corbin Fisher - ACM2492 - Fucking Patrick [with Elian] (1080p)
Added: July 28, 2019  |  Video Length: 24:59

Patrick’s an sexy young newcomer who arrived at CF ready and eager to get in to some action straight away. This stud didn’t want to waste any time! Of course, with a guy like Elian around to top ya, who wouldn’t want to get right down to business?? I’m certainly glad Patrick was so eager to get railed. With an ass like that, I doubt any of us wanted to wait a second longer to see a dick pumping in and out of it! Elian likewise couldn’t wait - he could see in Patrick someone he could have loads of fun with, relentlessly fuck as long and as hard as he wanted, and who was up for the kind of intense action Elian himself loves. Elian really went to town on Patrick’s hole, fucking a huge load out of Patrick that painted Elian’s chest and abs! After a pounding that good and hard, it was the least Patrick could do to eat up as much of Elian’s load when it was Elian’s turn to blow his own big load!

(If Patrick looks familiar, he previously appeared over at Sean Cody - he did a solo and bottomed for Jess under the alias "Elton".)
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