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RaunchyBastards #186 - The Boys Are DTF
Actors: Chase Ritches, Clay, Jack Lowe
Studio: RaunchyBastards
Release Year: 2018
Duration: 57:00

Messing around with Jack Lowe and Chase Ritches was the highlight of a great weekend I spent on vacation recently. Jack, who is one of my favorite Bastards, you see, is from one of those landlocked corn and wheat growing states. This might be why he's so damn sexy. Well, at any rate he had just been down to visit not 3 weeks before, but I was so eager to see him again that I asked him if he could come down again for a three day weekend. Since he's a senior I guess it wasn't too bad for him to miss a day of class. But instead of the usual spot, we both traveled to a nice beach resort, right on the Gulf. It was pretty much just Jack and me most of the time, "bro"n' out, having crab dinners and smoking stogies on the pier. But this location also happened to be extremely close to where Chase goes to school, so I texted him and asked him if he was finally down for some man-sex.

Chase is a somewhat difficult guy, so after much haggling on price, he finally agreed to dip his toes in the surf. I was pretty happy to get this 19 year old college freshman over, and Jack was just in seventh heaven being at the beach, well, he was happy, too. I told him that if he did a good job breaking in this newbie, we'd rent a wave runner afterwards (we did, and he almost killed me).

Although getting Chase to suck dick was a chore, he was more than eager to stick his dick in poor Jack's ass. I kinda feel bad for Jack's ass, especially given that he has an enormous, beautiful dick. With any other porn place, he'd be topping only, and fucking the shit outta twinks, destroying holes on a regular basis. But I'm a sucker for a nice ass, and Jack got dicked down a lot that weekend, haha! Well, at least Jack was loose enough for me and Chase to tag team the living daylights outta him. One of my favorite parts of the evening was when Chase stood over us while I was drilling Jack's very worn out hole. Chase nutted directly downward onto my dick as it was sliding in and out of Jack's pussy, and Chase's jizz added some much needed lubrication.

Afterward, while Jack was working himself up for a cumshot, I had Chase give me a handjob to completion. Now, Chase is a petite guy, and although his dick is a decent size, he has what I would call small, delicate hands. And Holy shit does he give a good handie! I was surprised that this so-called str8 boy could get me off like that. And the whole time he was kind of eagerly staring at my cock waiting for me to pop. Pop I did, and even got Chase to taste it. He tasted Jack's cum, too, and pronounced that Jack's cum tasted better (or least bad, I suppose). Jack said that it was because he had pineapple juice for breakfast. In fact, he did have juice for breakfast when we were on the rooftop restaurant that morning planning the day's activities.

Well, long story short, both of these teenagers were DTF in a big way that night, and we all had a lot of fun. Jack and I turned out another money hungry cutie, and everyone got their rocks off. Even though the resort wasn't all inclusive, at least the sex was good, plentiful, and cheap.
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