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Cocksure Men - Barebacking Fuck Buddies 16
Fuck buddies Get to the bareback action in many ways! For Antonio Miracle watches handsome Mario Domenech reading, wearing nothing but a sexy pair of black briefs. This sparks Antonio s interest, and instinctively he moves his hand inside his own identical back briefs. It doesn't take long before Mario's books and both pairs of briefs are history, and the tattooed love studs embark on an ultra-hot fuckfest! When we first meet ripped jocks Patrick Tyson and Sean Robson, they 're kissing passionately, both wearing tank tops that show up some serious biceps. Once they end up naked, you get the full effect of their amazing bodies. Meanwhile, the cock sucking and butt play eventually gives way to raw fucking that's beautiful to watch. Construction workers Scotty Rage and David Lambert take a break that may be more strenuous than their job. Scotty relentlessly pounds David's tight ass, while David keeps moaning for more. Ivan Jizera and Karel Jozef start romantically, drinking wine in a shared bubble bath, when Karel gets some other ideas and some romantic foreplay results. Once they're both good and hard, the action accelerates and Ivan is making magic with his raw cock exploring Karel's beautiful ass.
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