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Collin O'Neal Productions - World of Men - Cum Fly With Draven!
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1. Draven Torres, Felipe Carson

Are you ready to cum fly with Draven Torres? Collin O'Neal picks up Draven from the Medellin, Colombia, airport in the dark of night. Draven walks the dark streets and follows Felipe Carson back to his apartment on his way back from working out. Felipe lets Draven in and invites him into his room to have some fun. Felipe pulls down his shorts to show his huge uncut cock, but makes it clear he likes to get fucked. Draven sucks on Felipe’s huge cock and then takes aim at his ass, munching on Felipe’s pink hole before plowing his hard-on right into Felipe’s tight ass. After fucking Felipe in every which way, Draven finally makes a final push onto Felipe’s spot and makes him cum. Draven then pulls out and cums on Felipe’s abs and then kisses passionately.

2. Collin O'Neal, Sebastian Del Monte

After a few busy days of following Draven all around Colombia filming his sex adventures, Collin wakes up to find sexy Sebstian Del Monte still in bed. Collin decides to keep Sebastian to himself and hands the camera over to Draven to film the two. Collin starts by kissing Sebastian and then he pulls down Sebstian’s pants to find his curved uncut hard-on pop out. Collin and Sebastian take turns playing with their big cocks and then Sebastian turns Collin over to play with his ass. Collin makes the big decision and allows Sebastian to put his big curved uncut cock up his ass. Sebastian fucks Collin’s big white ass until he blows his huge load and then Sebastian climbs on Collin and blows his load all over Collin’s hairy chest.

3. Draven Torres, Julio Jimenez

Hot young tight bodied Draven ends up wandering through sugar cane fields when he comes upon big hairy daddy Julio Jimenez taking a piss. Draven immediately gets down on his knees to worship Julio’s big cock out in the open. Julio and Draven get scared by workers walking home so they head to Julio’s private room on the sugar cane farm. Julio munches down on Draven's tight little hole and then exposes his huge uncut hard-on scaring Draven but also exciting him. Julio fucks Draven's tight hole with his huge cock until Draven blows and then Julio blows his load all over Draven.

4. Draven Torres, Roccko

Next Draven sets out into the mountains of Colombia to find a nice resort to take a quick rest before hiking a bit more. He comes upon Roccko cleaning up and decides to make a move on the big Colombian. Draven quickly takes control of the situation and pulls down Roccko's shorts to find a big Colombian cock flopping out. A little nervous from the size of Roccko's cock, Draven's tight hole clenches but he quickly found out that the big Colombian wanted Draven to take control of his big ass and give him a pounding. Draven fucks Roccko every which way before putting him on his back and fucking Roccko hard until he shoots his load with Draven blowing right after.

5. Draven Torres, Dylan Avila

Walking in downtown Medellin Draven comes across a lesbian bar and finds Dylan Avila cleaning up before a big night. Dylan and Draven kiss and then Dylan pulls down his pants to expose his huge curved uncut cock. After playing around a bit, Dylan takes Draven into the bathroom to slide his cock into Draven’s tight ass. Draven then takes Dylan to continue fucking on a table where Dylan's large cock hits Draven's spot making him cum. Dylan then takes Draven back into the bathroom to jerk off and cum all down Draven's leg.
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