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Bizarre (2015) PAL DVD5
BrooklynFrenchGay TeenagerBisexualRole ModelSex ClubMascotRomanceBoyfriendDarkSecretMale NudityGay Sex


A French gay teenager working in a BIZARRE
NYC hype sex club becomes the mascot for it.

Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Duration: 1h 38min
IMDb: 4.5
Director: Étienne Faure
Writers: Étienne Faure
Stars: Pierre Prieur, Charlie Himmelstein, Adrian James, Luc Bierme, Raquel Nave
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Durban Film Festival 2015
Panorama Film Festival 2015
Post Mortem Film Festival 2015
Miami Borscht Film Festival 2015
Berlin International Film Festival 2015
TIFF Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Tel Aviv International LGBTQ Film Festival 2015

Plot Keywords:
Brooklyn, French, Gay Teenager, Bisexual, Role Model, Romance, Boyfriend, Dark, Secret, Male Nudity, Gay Sex.

Movie Info:
BIZARRE is a coming-of-age cinematic drama with a storyline steeped in a bold and provocative sexuality.

Maurice is a young homeless gay teenager who makes a living doing very stressful work and somehow managing to get by NYC. The two managers of the underground hype sex club “Bizarre” are fascinated by this handsome young man roaming the streets and decide to give him a home and a job at the club that celebrates alternative sexuality. Maurice quickly becomes part of the family, and begins to connect with Luka, a young worker in the club. Maurice is surprised by the feelings he has for the boy. Running away from his true feelings and ends up at the local boxing club, where he meets bisexual Charlie, who gets him join the group. As they get closer to Maurice starts losing control of turbulent emotions, which he is trying to suppress..

This sexually-brazen, smart, unique indie blends burlesque-style sex and nudity with a dark intriguing story.

Lead actor Pierre Prieur is so cute it hurts! You will definitely fall obsessively, dangerously in love with him.

BIZARRE is eccentric, unconventional fable and marks Etienne Faure as an unusual director to watch.

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