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Catalina - Malibu Days (1982) DVD
vintagebarebackpre-condomsurfersanaloralorgygeneral hardcore
Original name: Malibu Days - Big Bear Nights

Alan Howell
Brad Scott (wh)
Corey James
Davin McNeil
Giorgio Canali
J.W. King
Jamie Wingo
Joel Allen
Kevin Carey
Kurt Franklin
Mark Scott Solo
Mickey O'Toole
Nick Rodgers
Peter Geary
Shawn Michaels (80s)
Adam Stewart (80s)

The discovery of a stagflick in the closet of their rented ski cabin gets four college buddies so worked up they forget all about skiing. Once they've watched the likes of J.W. King, Nick Rodgers, Giorgio Canali, Jamie Wingo and Mark Scott Solo doing everything in the book, the four college pals turn their attentions towards each other and end up in four-way action that literally never stops.

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