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Bijou Classics/Jaguar - The Magnificent Cowboys (DVD)
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The Magnificent Cowboys

Yee-ha! A mix of handsome manly-men and their young cowhands screw, suck, and share their cum in this amusing pre-condom Western. In general, the sex is everywhere and frequent. The film opens with a spurt - a Randy Travis lookalike cowpokes his blonde buddy while a slim, lanky, smooth blonde boy looks on and gets inspired to beat his jerky.

A stranger, Cliff, comes sniffing for work and a guy named Chuck. He finds both and a bonus - much cock! After getting his ass sucked and wildly fingered, he fucks Chuck's face, who then fucks his ass like a wild buck in reciprocation. An oral payload completes the day's labors.

Later, while fiddadling with a really cute mess-hall worker, Cliff and the former are abducted and raped by the Randy Travis reject (whose name is Kentucky Man) and left tied up. Once liberated, some sex is in order. Will Kentucky Man get his? One thing's for sure - everyone else gets their's in a (sadly unfinished) fivesome.

The Magnificent Cowboys is one of the more brisk Jaguar entries, and also one of the more sparsely populated ones. The final fivesome is a letdown, but the sex until then is pretty heavy and complete. A light, very accessible piece, and the guys are cute.

Cast: Cliff Masters, Chuck Ryan, Roy Steele, Burt Kelly, Gordon Harris, Kentucky Man


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