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Falcon - 35th Anniversary Limited Edition DVD 5 (The 2000's)
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How this for a load-blower: In celebration of more than 35 years of delivering the standard for gay erotic entertainment, Falcon Studios' Limited Collector's Edition anniversary 5-disc box set is an essential collection. It contains the hottest scenes selected from 35 years of their finest films. 90+ men. 11+ hours. 35 scenes. 5 discs.

Disc Five showcases smoldering hardcore action from the new millenium including blockbuster titles Bad Behavior, The Other Side of Aspen V, Deep South - The Big and the Easy, Part 2, Drenched, Part 1: Soaking It In, Cross Country, Part 1, From Top to Bottom and The Farmer's Son.

With the Limited Collector's Edition 5-disc box set, this is your only chance to own a piece of gay history. This collection is a must have for everyone who has ever appreciated gay erotic film.


Matthew Rush
Chad Hunt
Erik Rhodes
Enrico Vega
Roman Heart
Vince Ditonno
Dean Monroe
Josh Weston
Billy Brandt Chase Hunter
Lane Fuller
Trey Rexx
Addison Scott
Jason Adonis
Jimmy McGuire
Brad Benton
Lindon Hawk Spike
Scott Matthews
Aaron Osborn
Joe Foster
Alec Martinez
Michel Mattel
Anthony Shaw
Leo Bramm
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