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Latin Leche - Numero 86 (720p)
Released August 26, 2019

Description: Part of the reason I’ve been so successful in scouting hot hunks to film is my killer instinct---when I have a hunch about someone, I’m rarely ever wrong. So when I see this sexy stud roaming the streets, my intuition tells me to follow him. Something about the way he moves makes me think he’d be fun to fool around with. He makes his way into the park for a stroll and it’s the perfect time to make my move. I ask him what he’s doing hanging around one of my favorite cruising spots, and he says he’s just enjoying nature. But when I offer him a thick wad of cash to come hang out at my place, his demeanour hastily shifts. We head to my apartment where he pockets the cash and strips out of his clothes. I film the hottie as he kisses my uncut cock, pleasuring me as his own dick gets hard. Then, I bareback his sweet hole and shoot a load of creamy leche all over his cute face.

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