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Centaur - Hot Cops 2 This Time the Law's Gone Too Far
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"Hot Cops 2" does not follow the model of its predecessor, dispensing with the tagalong camera, replacing it with reporter Jeff Austin, doing a story on his local police precinct that includes a lot of probing interviewing along the way. He gets to handle two of the cops directly and hears a wealth of hot sexy stories indirectly. Apparently this is a precinct that doesn't worry about crime as much as it does the criminals, at least the masculine more rugged ones. Keeping up the pace of the first "Hot Cops 1," this very different story works on all the same levels, throwing even more muscular men at us, quite thankfully.
The hero of the story here is perky blond stud Jeff Austin, who turns out to have a ripped body and an unending sex drive. He lures cop Tanner Reeves, himself the model of hunkiness with a big strapping body and just the right amount of chest hair, to his house under false pretenses, but Tanner stays to give him some scoop. The first story he can think to tell involved a fellow cop, tall handsome Kyle Brandon, who gets a call to investigate exhibitionist Shawn Justin. Well, if you had a body like Shawn's, with massive nipples, muscles all over the place, and topped by a devilishly attractive goateed face, you'd be smushing your dick up against the window for all the neighbors to see too! Shawn isn't upset by Kyle's call, and instead drops his towel to expose his dick fully to the cop. Kyle doesn't need a second invitation, and immediately gets down to blowing Shawn with an excellent deep-throat. Kyle sucks on him for a good long time, punctuated by a little blowing from Shawn and a lot of rimming from the same. In fact, Shawn can't wait to get to the ass, through some solo work and a very pert 69. Finally, after all his fingers have gone in, Shawn slides his cock up into Kyle, with tons of power and drill. In fact, he burrows so deep I think he was hoping for oil instead of cum at the end! They do it in just about every position, and the camera is wise to show lots of Kyle's beautiful ass, as much a star as Shawn's efforts. A return to oral work by Shawn gets them both to cum.
Tanner and Jeff are both turned on by this story, and soon enough Jeff slinks over to Tanner. Jeff is a gulper, taking in Tanner fully, exposing his white glorious butt to the camera. In the flick's best scene, Jeff and Tanner really work up a river of chemistry, with Tanner just as active as Jeff. Both have mighty dicks, and the boyish Jeff turns into quite a mature tiger during the oral section, topping off in a heck of a 69, with both doing true equal work on each other. For a tease of what is to come, Jeff bobs up and down on a solitary finger, but he's not the bottom here, at least not at first. Instead, he smoothly fucks the bigger Tanner. And he does great work of it, too. Tanner looks very sexy receiving, but it's Jeff's show here, really intent on conquering his partner. After this spunky pound, Tanner does get to fuck Jeff, and he's wild about it. Jeff obviously goads Tanner into action, but Tanner hits him with a lot of speed and aggression. By the end, it's an amazing power-fuck.
Jeff goes into the locker room to interview another cop, tall lean B.J. Slater. He, in turn, tells the story of fellow cop Brandon Reevet, a massive fellow with a perfectly chiseled body and very sunken attractive cheeks, who is on guard duty watching prisoners Karl Radford, a tall blond, and the ever-welcome Dino Phillips wash a car. He's content to read a book while they work, but officer York Powers arrives to remind him that prisoners are for more than washing cars. He orders them to blowing duty, giving Dino his throbbing hugeness and telling Karl to take on the more human longness on Brandon. The sucking goes well on both ends, though Dino is clearly more experienced and hungry. They eventually switch, and now it's Karl who lights up, drooling oodles of spit on York and sucking him with the energy just seen from Dino. York and Brandon then please the prisoners, with York now giving back some of the largess he received from attentive Dino and Karl. Cover model Brandon seems a tad out of place here, with talents like York and Dino proving why they lasted so long in this business. Karl is the first bottom; taking his from a noisy forceful York as he eats out Brandon, who now does suck Dino's cock. As willingly as he got fucked, Karl proves his equal talents as a top taking Brandon just as deeply. This gets a roaring shot from Karl on Brandon's ass, followed by another there from York, and finally a dazzler courtesy of Dino. But, it's not over. Brandon turns out to be quite a bottom once York gets at him. As Dino takes on Karl just as well, York opens him up and turns him into the scene's new highlight. Once he's ready, the other three spin him around take their turns fucking him. Turns out he can take it all, no matter how powerful or ruthless they get. All three add large amounts of cum to his sweaty oiled body at the end.
Needless to say, this story also has Jeff hot, as well as B.J., who pops out a double-digit dick for him. The monstrous cock is a fantastic freak of nature, springing off the thin B.J. proudly, and Jeff gets to work even before B.J. has had a chance to finish the story, it seems. There is absolutely no way for Jeff to get this all down his throat, but, boy, does he try! He's earnest for a long oral section, providing another very eager blowjob, not letting up at all from his earlier performance. In the middle of all of this, in ambles another cop, effortlessly handsome Rex Baldwin, who drops his towel to reveal yet another grand piece of flesh. He stands to the side for a while, but eventually has to join in, taking up the inches of B.J. that Jeff can't take, both of them working together to make sure B.J.'s dick is fully satisfied. Rex gets to take over fully when Jeff lowers himself to his cock before B.J. shows his admirable skills in sucking Rex as well. A brief respite from B.J. makes Jeff even more mad for him, so he returns there before settling into a 69 with Rex. It's an awfully convenient position, allowing B.J. an opportunity to fuck Jeff without the latter being able to even moan about it. A lot of the cock slides right in, and the rest gets in there after some generous opening. B.J. is quite a top, but again, Jeff is the star here. There are two things to notice visually: one is the balls sweeping gently against Rex's face as B.J. fucks Jeff and the other is Jeff's face when he pries himself off Rex's cock. This tells the true story of what he's feeling. Rex isn't spared all of those inches either, taking him just as well as Jeff did, just without some of the flash. Jeff returns to bottoming just in time for everyone to unload their cum on him, and it's a battle between Rex and B.J. to end the tale on a whompingly large note.
Hero Jeff Austin is the star performer here, and though some of the scenes here are just as good as anything he is doing, he remains at the center of the attention throughout. Where all the other guys are brunet and more rugged, the friendly accessible blond Jeff stands out. He gets to play with Tanner and B.J., both excellent performers, and handles them both easily, the first with a lot of play and style, the second just by holding his breath and praying. And, once again, these guys all prove that cops really do have the best job in the world if they do it to the fullest!

Stars:   York Powers   Billy Slater   Kyle Brandon   Jeff Austin   Shawn Justin   Tanner Reeves   Brandon Reevet   Youk Powers   Karl Radford   Dino Phillips   B.J. Slater   Johnny Rey

Length: 1:52:52
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