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Beefcake Hunter - Beefcake Will Got Full Service
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Beefcake Will got full service, yeah, that is right my friends, who knew he would be eager to return and even improve his performance!

For some reason he wanted to know the feedback from the Hunters of his previous adventures at BeefCakeHunter Land, and I was honest. I told him that some said that he looked a little disconnected, and he couldn’t believe it because that was not the way he saw himself. I totally understand him, he is just a straight young dude walking in unknow territory, for me he has always been sexy and good, I really enjoy servicing him.

Anyways, at the beginning of this video he promises us that he will do better, and you will see how Beefcake Will got full service while I pushed so many limits with him. There is some feet worshipping, reverse cowgirl, missionary and of course a long and hard doggy style pounding. I mean I can get very creative with Beefcake Will because he offers what is needed for that, a delicious ever hard almost eight inches Nuyorican cock!

Will had a good vibe this time from the beginning, his looks are different, his hair is more blond than I thought, and I love his new haircut. He responded very well when I played with his feet, that was hot.  I could go for hours sucking his dick, but I knew that he was down for more.  So I move on to the next item in the  BCH menu, that was riding him, for a moment I thought to ride him facing him but then I decide to go easy on him this time, and I rode him reverse cowgirl, then I laid down on my back so he can do me missionary, that went much better than I expected, he was even a little rough ummmm. Hot!

Then going back to his comfort zone, I submitted myself on my fours for him to pound me doggy style, that went for long, getting rough at times but I knew the trick in making him cum would be with him sitting down and getting a sensual mix of tongue, blow job and hand job. I just was waiting for him to whisper softly “I am about to cum”, and it was just matter of a few minutes, and what a wonderful fresh abundant cum-shot he gave us, wow! You even get that in slow motion! So, I hope you guys enjoy this Beefcake Will got full service video, for sure I did!
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