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Catalina C1R - Return to Sunsex Blvd (1999) DVD
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director Brad Austin

J.T. Sloan
Marcus Caine
Matt Douglas
Max Stone
Mike Vespa
Perry James
Reed Parker
Rick Mathews
Scott Davis
Sharon Kane - Non-sexual role

Return to the sun, sex and scandal with Director Brad Austin as he re-visits the glamorous life on Sunsex Blvd. It isn't easy being famous and horny, but these 9 hot stars five the performances of their careers.

Norman Desmond was a fading star of the old studio. Little did anyone know that he had a son with all the studly star-quality of his old man. Join Brad as he returns to the steamy side of Hollywood in Return to Sunsex BLVD.

1. Norman, who languishes in jail, still has his hand in porno movie making. His assistant, MAX STONE (reprising his role from the original), now directs on the sets. He shoots a three-way of hard-core dick-sucking and ass-eating with J.T. SLOAN, MIKE VESPA, and PERRY JAMES. Norman, who wants Max to visit him in jail, calls Max away from the set. But Max arrives in time to see Norman hang himself from behind the prison bars. Now Max must track down the son Norman never met, and settle his sizable estate.

2. Standing in the way is Lucy (SHARON KANE), a tragically hysterical, washed-up drunk of a porn actress and the mother of Norman's country bumpkin son, Rick (RICK MATHEWS). She has obsessively guarded Rick from the evil influences of man sex, which she believes led Norman away from her. During a heated confrontation between Max and Lucy, Rick learns the truth about his dad, and how his mother has done everything in her power to keep him from finding out.

3. Hurt and confused, Rick leaves. As he wanders, he comes across two ranch hands (MARCUS CAINE and REED PARKER) doing the very thing his mother fears most. Rick watches from a distance as Marcus and Reed take turns swallowing each other's cocks. About the time Marcus bends Reed over a bail of hay to plow his ass, Rick figures that what's good for dad must be good for him too.

4. Rick calls Max to tell him he's ready for his porno close-up. Max sends Rick to a photographer (MATT DOUGLAS), who transforms Rick from an ugly duckling to a handsome hunk. Rick doesn't want to lose his virginity on a porn set, so he asks the photographer if he can get some help with that, too. Matt gladly assists, whipping out his 9-incher to ease Rick beyond his camera shyness.

5. Lucy, bent on getting her son back, hires a detective (SCOTT DAVIS) to track Rick down. Scott locates Rick in Hollywood and brings Lucy to a porn set for a final mother/son showdown. But it is Rick who walks out on his mom, taking the detective with him on to the set to be his new costar. Scott needs a little help getting into the scene, so Max joins in, and before long, Max is taking Rick's dick up his ass, as Scott fucks Rick with his big, uncut meat.

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