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Arena Ent - Straight To Bed
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Andrew Addams
Ben Damon
Fredrick Ford
Jack Sanders
Michael Vista
Park Wiley
Raphael Shawn
Rob Romoni
Sean Steele


1. Jack Sanders, Park Wiley

2. Michael Vista, Sean Steele

3. Andrew Addams, Raphael Shawn

4. Ben Damon, Fredrick Ford, Rob Romoni
found in compilation Deep Down & Dirty

From GayVideoDad

My friend Kenny used to set up elaborate plots to get his young, straight friends into bed. Of course, after the deed was done, his months of manipulation fell quickly to the wayside. The very confused straight guys wanted nothing more to do with him, and Kenny was left alone and heartbroken. He never learned that getting your rocks off, usually, has nothing to do with getting the rock! Perhaps if he had Arena Entertainment's Straight to Bed as his guide, he might have saved himself a lot of twisted melodrama and long-lasting trauma. Straight to Bed, directed by the talented Jett Blakk, is an entertaining look at what happens when a group of wives decides to utilize their gay best friends to teach their husbands, who have been begging for three-way sex with other women, a very "merry" lesson. The guys agree to videotape their friends' husbands in the act with them so the wives can use the tapes as future blackmail material when their requests turn kinky again.
To start off, as we all know, there is nothing more sporting than a good game o' loving, as "dad next door" Jack Sanders and collegiate blond boy Park Wiley are more than willing to attest to. In fact, Wiley turns well -- wily -- to get Sanders into his ass. A wink, a nod and an "innocently" flirtatious suggestion while both are huddled together on the couch watching ball, and before you know it, gay Wiley is slobbering down on the suddenly very willing straight Sanders' huge bone. Sanders, as noted in previous reviews, definitely comes off as the slightly drunken straight guy who has wandered into the local bathhouse, and this gives this scene authenticity and heat. The two performers appear to enjoy working together, and Wiley certainly enjoys riding up and down on Sanders' thick slab of fuckin'. The participants in this scenario are not perfect physical specimens either, which also adds up to a nice amount of believabiliy -- and interest. Sometimes you just want to watch normal people screw, ya' know?
The next scene is engineered -- and videotaped -- by a hopeful and enthusiastic Michael Vista. He is, obviously, just dying to get into shaven headed macho man Sean Steele's pants. Before you can whisper "Winken, Blinken and Nod," his dreams come to juicy fruition. Steele is the hottest motherfucker in this film -- a normal, moustache sporting dude from down the street -- and like the actors mentioned above, he is fit but not physically perfect. He also definitely commits to his performance, playing the straight guy fucking around with the gay neighbor for the first time to the hilt. He connects with Vista by constantly calling him by his first name, "Michael," throughout this sexual ceremony and lets him know, verbally, throughout the entire exchange just how everything makes him feel. He is the original moaning, groaning, nonstop sex-talking machine, and it is amazingly sensual to listen to his verbal proclamation -- especially as they grow in intensity throughout the scene. Vista, to his credit, does great justice to the college of cock-sucking arts when galloping down on Steele's juicy crank, and Steele repays the favor tenfold by giving Vista the pony ride of a lifetime on the stairwell -- where all this action takes place -- of sexual dreams. Speaking of which, Steele will definitely live in my dreams for some time as the most natural and talented acting porn stud I, have as yet seen in this admittedly very new year.
Beefy Andrew Addams is getting ready to mack on a neighbor's husband when he spies dark and dastardly handyman-stud Raphael Shawn doing lawn work next door and decides to give his preset recording equipment a trial run. Shawn and Addams truly appear attracted to one another -- in a random, one-time-only encounter kind of way -- and the variety of sexual positions they put themselves through in this heated exchange definitely attests to that attraction. To begin with, Addams pops down on Shawn's hot, uncut chunk like a missionary swooping upon an unsaved soul. Then the two ease gracefully into a naturally enthusiastic round of 69. Shawn soon is soaring like Lucy the skydiver into Addams' plump hole with a vigor and lust that is enjoyable to watch. In fact, both of these two gentlemen, who are probably in their 30s and 40s, prove that enthusiasm and versatility are not only for the porn stud young. Perhaps more importantly, that experience gives you more than a few tricks when it comes time for the sexual performance sweeps.
Lastly, we wind up with perfect slab o' beef Rob Romoni and smooth and handsome Frederick Ford determined to switch the tables on their wives and friends. So when Ben Damon, looking all trim and as pert as a Sidetrack regular, stops over to talk to Romoni, the two dive on him like Louganis at the Olympics. Damon is offered up Ford's thick piece as the ultimate chew stick, and like eager housebound pets everywhere, he gladly attacks it. In fact, Ford has a beautiful dick, and both Damon and Romoni take turns attacking it like sweethearts on lovers' lane. Before you know it, Romoni is soon shoving his thunk -- short for thick chunk -- up the slightly bewildered but nonetheless eager Damon's ass. Soon Romoni is fucking Ford, who, in turn, takes temporary residence up Damon's hot, warmed-up hole. From there the three go at it in a variety of positions on Romoni's family couch, which definitely turns out to be the highlight of this amusing and well-executed flick. Of course, we discover that Damon was not part of the wives' plot but was coming over to tell Romoni and his wife about his upcoming marriage.
All in all, there is enough hotness and humor to recommend this flick, especially to folks like my poor friend Kenny who take their seduction of the species called "straight" with a little too much seriousness and long lasting intent.
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