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Bad Puppy- Bareback Pack (Full 1080p)
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Bareback collection of videos in this pack which are not posted, details with each video listed.

Latest To Oldest in that order:

1. Nate And Angel (Nate Grimes & Angel Duran) Added: Nov 03, 2018

L.A. producer Anthony Duran and super-cutie, horse-hung Nate Grimes remind hella-sexy, furry-mancub Angel Duran to vote, and then Nate fucks the bejeezus out of Angel in every position imaginable!

2. JJ And Cameron (JJ Knight & Cameron Hardy) Added: Oct 06, 2018

Legendary JJ Knight joins new-comer Cameron Hardy in a hot action scene where Cameron is introduced to JJ’s thick, long cock. JJ is from Memphis, TN and while he does not admit to being “good” he does admit to being a “southern boy.” Cameron begins stroking JJ’s cock which is already hard as a rock in his underwear. Cameron is obviously distracted from the discussion and has to pull JJ’s cock out of his shorts. He wastes no time at all swallowing as much of JJ’s cock as would go down his throat. JJ reaches around and pulls down Cameron’s underwear exposing his ass to JJ’s fingers. Cameron flips over on the bed, his nude ass exposed for JJ’s tongue. JJ’s moves in and begins tongue-fucking Cameron’s hole. After he gets it nice and wet, JJ slowly pushes his huge cock all the way up Cameron’s ass. Just like JJ predicted, Cameron eases into it very quickly and JJ is soon pounding away. These two studs go at it all over the bed with Cameron ending up on his back and JJ fucking him harder than ever. As JJ get close he pulls out, grabs his dick and shoots a thick, messy load coating Cameron’s chest, abs, cock, and balls.

3. Jay And Cory (Jay Austin & Cory Koons) Added: Jul 28, 2018

Jay Austin returns and brings with him fellow Go-Go Dancer Cory Koons. Since the guys have been itching to shoot together, our L.A. producer Anthony Duran made the magic happen! Sexy bottom Cory moves right in to get Jay's big piece of manmeat hard and wet. Hunky and hairy Jay slides around to prime Cory's manhole. With the simple question, "You ready to take daddy's dick?" and an exclamatory, "Yeah!", in one smooth move, Jay slides all eight inches into Cory's sweet, hot hole!

4. Michael And Dane (Michael Delray & Dane Stewart) Added: Jul 14, 2018

Michael Delray could not keep his hands off of Dane Stewart during the interview. In fact, Michael interrupts the interview and reaches over to fondle Dane’s rock-hard cock in his shorts. Michael leans over, unzips Dane’s shorts, pulls out his dick, and starts giving it a tongue bath. Before long, he’s swallowing Dane’s entire cock and bobbing his head up and down enjoying every hot inch of it. Michael stops long enough to strip off his clothes, and then he’s quickly back to servicing Dane’s cock and balls. Dane kneels over Michael’s hot ass and begins shoving his tongue deep into Michael’s hole. Dane works Michael’s ass, priming him for his cock. He slides it in slowly at first, and Michael is soon backing up on Dane’s cock. That’s when Dane starts power-fucking Michael’s hole. Dane pulls out and lays back on the bed and Michael climbs on top and sits down on Dane’s long, thick piece of meat. Michael gets his ass pounded bouncing up and down on Dane’s dick, but Dane has something else in mind. He pushes Michael’s legs back, and the intense fucking continues. Danes cock hits the right spot, and Michael can’t hold back anymore. He starts squirting cum all over himself before Dane pulls out and coats Michael in a healthy dose of jizz.

5. Nick And Luke (Nick Fit & Luke Kennedy) Added: Jun 30, 2018

Nick Fit is almost bursting out of his underwear during the interview with Luke Kennedy and just as soon as the interview is complete Luke makes a dive for Nick’s crotch. Nick grabs Luke’s face and the two kiss while Luke plays with the huge bulge in Nick’s shorts. Luke pulls Nick’s cock from his shorts and swallows it whole. Nick bends Luke over onto his knees and buries his face in Luke’s ass, driving his tongue deep into Luke’s tight hole. His cock is hard as a rock and Nick pushes it in ever so slowly. Luke moans slightly as he gets used to Nick’s length and girth. The two quickly adapt and in no time at all Nick is rocking back and forth; and, Luke is gyrating his ass right back into Nick’s dick. They soon move to Luke being on top of Nick, riding him like a horse. At first Nick starts pounding from below; but, soon Luke is bouncing up and down driving Nick’s cock deeper inside his ass. Nick rolls Luke over on his back, throws his legs in the air and plunges his cock right back into Luke’s hole. Nick starts pounding harder and faster and before he busts his nut, he pulls out and squirts his love-juice all over Luke’s balls and cock. Luke scoops up some of Nick’s cum with his fingers and tastes it as Nick slides his finger into Luke’s ass and begins finger-fucking him. Luke starts jerking his cum-covered cock and in mere seconds he blows his load all over his chest and stomach.

6. Nick And Robbie (Nick Capra & Robbie Caruso) Added: Jun 09, 2018

Robbie Caruso gets some exciting news that Nick Capra is going to be stopping by. Robbie has always had a crush on Nick and as stated at the beginning of the video, he could not wait to be one of Nick’s pups. Robbie is so excited when he first meets Nick and in no time at all Robbie has Nick stripped out of his clothes and his thick, hard cock is bouncing off the back of Robbie’s throat. Nick stands by the bed, motions for Robbie to kneel in front of him and starts face-fucking the hell out of Robbie’s mouth. While Robbie is busy on Nick’s cock, Nicks licks his fingers and begins loosening the hole he intends to shove his cock into. Robbie spins around like an eager little puppy and points his ass to his new daddy. Robbie spreads his ass wide and Nick’s tongue goes to work loosening Robbie’s hole even more. Robbie clenches the sheets and moans very loudly as Nick’s cock spreads his asshole for the first time. Nick goes slow at first; but, is soon pounding Robbie a new one and Robbie is quite vocally begging for more. Nick busts his nut first as he dumps a healthy load of cum all over Robbie’s cock and stomach. Robbie scoops up some of Nick’s cum and continues stroking his own rock-hard cock. When Robbie begins jizzing, he starts spraying semen all over the place and he just seems to keep cumming and cumming and cumming.

7. Dane And Wesley (Dane Stewart & Wesley Woods) Added: May 19, 2018

Dane Stewart and Wesley Woods see each other all the time at the gym and as you’ll see from the beginning of the video these two hot studs could not wait to pair up. From the moment the video started I was captured by the upbeat attitude of both guys and their smiles are both stunning. Wesley enters the room and literally pounces on Dane, who is lying on the bed in only a pair of jeans. He soon notices that Dane’s got quite the bulge growing in those jeans. He loosens Dane’s jeans and Dane’s rock-hard cock pops out the top. A very eager Wesley scoops up Dane’s thick, long cock, swallows it and works every inch of it down his throat. Dane soon has Wesley out of his clothes and heads straight for his dick. I could not help but notice the precum dripping from Dane’s cock as he’s sucking on Wesley’s. Dane pulls Wesley back on the bed, bends him over and buries his tongue deep into his ass. Let’s just say that Wesley gets the rim-job of rim-jobs and it’s not long before his hole is primed and ready for some action. Dane stands up and slides his thick piece of meat deep into Wesley’s tight asshole. The ass-pounding begins and Wesley’s eyes roll back in his head. Wesley pulls Dane onto the bed and he sits down on Dane’s cock. Dane starts power-fucking from the bottom leaving Wesley moaning louder. Wesley winds up on his back, one leg over Dane’s shoulder and Dane fucking harder as Wesley squirts his load of cum all over himself. Dane starts pounding harder, pulls out as he is ready to bust his nut and coats Wesley’s balls, cock and chest in his love juice.

8. Nate And Spencer (Nate Grimes & Spencer Whitman) Added: Apr 07, 2018

Nate Grimes and Spencer Whitman just got back from an intense run when Nate tells Spencer that he believes he hurt his leg. Spencer begins massaging Nate’s calves when the next thing you know, Spencer’s hands are up Nate’s shorts. Nate’s rather large cock gets rock-hard the moment Spencer touches it, and Nate’s shorts get ripped off as Spencer is voraciously swallowing Nate’s cock. Our two hot studs quickly strip out of their clothes, and Nate is on his knees paying homage to Spencer’s thick, fat dick. Spencer bends Nate over the sofa and his tongue goes about boring thru Nate’s hot asshole. When Spencer gets Nate’s ass ready for his cock, he drives it in and starts fucking mercilessly. It’s not long before Spencer winds up on the bottom with Nate riding his dick like he’s mounting a horse. The two move to the floor, and Spencer throws Nate’s legs in the air, drives his cock back into Nate’s hole, and the pounding resumes. Nate’s makes it clear that he can’t hold back any longer. As Spencer is fucking his hole, Nate loses his load all over himself. Spencer pulls his cock out and begins showering Nate with a healthy amount of creamy jizz.

9. Casey And Pierce (Casey Everett & Pierce Paris) Added: Jun 17, 2017

Our latest video features Casey Everett returning with new comer, horse-hung Pierce Paris. From the very beginning of the video as Casey and Pierce strip each other out of their cloths it’s quite apparent that Casey is very into Pierce. Casey kneels in front of Pierce, kissing his way down Pierce’s incredible abs before he unzips his jeans and slides them to the floor. It was at that point we could tell that Pierce had something special hidden in his shorts and when Casey pulls off Pierce’s underwear he’s met with a cock that would make just about anyone cringe thinking of it ramming up their ass. Casey swallows it whole, gagging periodically as it hits the back of his throat; but, he persists none the less. Pierce spins Casey around, bends him over the sofa and shoves his tongue deep into Casey’s asshole, priming it for the huge tool he’s about to shove in it. Slowly at first, Pierce pushes his cock deep into Casey’s ass and when Casey is used to the size, Pierce begins rocking back and forth, pounding harder and faster. Pierce fucks the shit out of Casey whose own cock is rock hard from the ass spreading Pierce is delivering to his backside. The pounding continues in many positions until these two hot studs cannot take it anymore. Now this is where I need to tell you there was a wee problem with the camera and we missed Casey’s cumshot because he just could not hold it back with Pierce continuing to pound. Pierce; however, makes up for it when he pulls that thick, long cock of his out of Casey’s ass and blows thick loads of juicy cum all over Casey’s face and mouth. Casey wastes no time licking up the jizzy mess and makes sure to clean off every drop from Pierce’s cock.

10. Odin And Lance (Odin Strokes & Lance Hart) Added: Jun 03, 2017

Returning to Badpuppy for an action video with Dominic Pacifico behind the camera, Odin Strokes teams up with hot stud Lance Hart. The situation heats up quickly, and it doesn’t take long until both of them are stripped naked and kissing passionately. Lance slowly kisses his way down Odin’s chest as he drops to his knees and comes face to face with the enormity of Odin’s manhood. Time and time again he tries to swallow the whole thing; but, Odin’s length appears to get in the way. Odin pulls Lance up off the floor and he drops to his knees, pulling down Lance’s underwear. Lance’s cock is rock hard as his shorts come down and Odin goes straight down onto every single inch he can shove in his mouth. Ready for some ass, Lance bends Odin over the sofa and begins working Odin’s hole with his eager tongue. Odin is soon begging for Lance’s cock and Lance delivers. After oiling up his dick he shoves it straight into Odin’s ass; and, the pounding ensues. Things get interesting when Odin rolls Lance over on the bed, pushes his legs back and then shoves his entire cock deep into Lance ass. The different expressions in Lance’s face as Odin fucks him are priceless. Lance keeps trying to hold off cumming; but, as his body tightens his rock hard cock and tight nuts start squirting thick amounts of jizz onto his abs; the rest running down his cock and hand. Odin finishes things off by blowing his juicy load all over Martin’s face and mouth.
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