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Bijou Video - Screenplay (Trophy Video) (1984)
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Winner of the 1984 award forBest Gay Film by the Gay Critics Association, this Steve Scott classic gay porn  film is one of his best, technically superior and only suffering because of its underdeveloped and slow-moving (yet forgivable due to its dramatic tension) storyline. Characterization and narrative, too, add to its overall superior quality.

Hung Lee Ryder plays a drifter who wanders into the shooting of a porn film, shot on location at the All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs. The film begins as a Latino crewman/chauffeur, Robert Vega, is being sucked off in a moving van trailer by a clean-cut man. Robert plugs his hole with his uncut pud and they both blow as Ryder happens upon the scene.

Wardrobe gopher Jon King delivers a costume to the porno's cowboy star, Eric Ryan, who's fresh from the shower. King, vocalizing all the way, kneels down to take Ryan's huge cock in the shower to test his virility and noisily sucks his meat before getting a nohands penetration and butt-fuck on the bed. Having given Ryder a lift to the set ("this isn't the fluffy-hair over-hung young stud of Huge and Huge II -- this is a Lee Ryder that Scott's camera has lovingly captured in a new state; two years older, slighdy more muscular; a new sleek, almost panther-like carriage." -- Manshots), the Latino admires him showering and offers him a blowjob. Vega takes it to the hilt and ends up swallowing the load emptied onto his tongue.

A subplot reveals, too, that Vega is a spy for Ryan's lover, Michael Braun. Ryan later finds himself with Ryder, and as the cowboy porn star fillets him, ditty-talking Ryder spews "suck that big cock," "lick my balls," and "take it easy."

Scene five has the crew chowing down at a Palm Springs restaurant. Lust-smitten Ryan ends up hand-jobbing the shy Ryder under the table - in one of the most convincing and imaginative scenes ever created. In an aside from the main plot, a film crew worker masturbates through his skivvies while a sleeping buddy lays beside him in the nude.

A lover's spat occurs once Braun arrives on the scene and is concluded by a suck-off reconciliation, with Ryan's meat shooting hard. Still upset, Braun moves to the pool, spying an exhibitionist beating off by a picture window. Both men end up jacking off, and an underwater camera, excellently captures Braun exploding in the pool.

The finale has King and Ryder in a betrayal session. King takes Ryder's 10-inch boner both orally and anally, continuing his clever mouthings (suck those balls, take that fuckin' big dick-), and the encounter has been set up by Braun to prove to Ryan that Ryder is just another star fucker.

" Lee 'Huge' Ryder has never looked or performed better on film -- or, in this case, video tape. His longer hair becomes him; gone is the gauntness, the haggard look that he showed in earlier film exposures.  Whether Ryder is your cup of tea or not, there's no denying that his is, indeed, a supercock both in form and function. From camerawork to editing, this video rates 100% in all departments...  Fred Bisonnes for Advocate MEN.

"Regardless of how impressive this film is, and there are hundreds of details, each lovingly and dutifully thought out, you keep going to the special quality of the relationship between Eric Ryan and Lee Ryder--and the compelling understated performance by Lee Ryder ... " John W. Rowberry for Manifest

Year: 1984

Cast: Lee Ryder, Eric Ryan, Jon King, Mike Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Daniel Holt, Michael Braun

Length: 85

Studio: Steve Scott

Director: Steve Scott

This vintage gay porn video movie originally released by Trophy Video in 1984.

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