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Golden Years (1982) Bijou mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Kevin Gladstone

Isadora Centrovich
Kevin Gladstone
Larkin Cabrillo
Richard Laport
U Angelo (te)
U Eltor (te)
U Hammel (te)
U Kevin Lediz
U Scott Miller (80s)
U Steve Preston
U Toby Ross
foot notes:
U=Uncredited performance

Set in Columbus, OH in 1987, or Cincinnati, OH in 1988 (depending on the various confusing subtitles) after an earthquake has sent California into the ocean, four men (two young and two older) gather to watch 1970s gay porno films found in a time capsule. The loops that follow appear to be loops by Toby Ross and colleagues for Team/Coast.
The explanatory scene set in the future doesn’t appear until after the first scene with Kevin Gladstone. The subtitles describing the setting in the future flash one after the other, so apparently they couldn’t decide what year (1987/198image or where the future setting (Columbus/Cincinnati) was.
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