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ChaosMen - 2287 - Kyle Wyncrest solo (1080p)
Release date: May 6, 2019

Video Number: 2287

Kyle Wyncrest has a wicked smile!

He used to do camming, which got tiring for him after a while. He thought he would try some porn.

Kyle is another guy who is mostly into women, but he has had a couple instances with trans women which lead him to the understanding he might like dicks too.

We actually stuck to trans-themed videos for him to stroke too. He also said he had been watching gay porn´┐Żfor research ~ahem~ for working with ChaosMen.

He seems very open-minded and was eager to stroke for us because he had waited days to ejaculate for us. During the photo-session his cock kept dripping pre-cum and a couple times he thought he might nut during the photos. That had me a little worried he might cum too soon when we were to film the video.

But no worries. His camming experience had him in full-control, and also made great eye-contact with the cameras.

Kyle also had an amazing load that he was more than happy to share with us!
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