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All Worlds Video - The American Lover (O Amante Americano)
This is my first upload, so apologies if I've made any mistakes!!!

1. Rafael Alencar OgrAbtRr, Igor Santos OgrAbtRg
On a white couch, Felipe (Rafael Alencar) sucks and is facefucked by Igor Santos (octopus tattoo on right side of groin); they 69; Igor rims Felipe; Igor tops Felipe; Felipe tops Igor; both j.o. on Felipe’s chest.

2. Guilherme Maia OgrAbt, Gustavo Souza OgrAb, Alex Santos OrAt
Guilherme Maia and Gustavo Souza (short sideburns) suck each other, then suck Alex Santos (long sideburns); Guilherme and Gustavo 69 while Alex tops Guilherme; Guilherme tops Gustavo as Gustavo sucks Alex.

3. Iago Matra OgrAbRr, Alan Bueno OgrAtRg
On a couple of kitchen chairs and then on a white rug, Iago Matra (slightly longer hair, long enough to pull) sucks Alan Bueno (very short hair); Alan sucks, rims, and tops Iago; Iago rides on Alan.

4. Bruno Meneghel OgAbRr, Rafael Alencar OrAtRg
In the bathroom, Bruno Meneghel sucks Felipe (Rafael Alencar); Felipe rims Bruno; Felipe tops Bruno.
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