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Sean Cody SC1156 Colby
Released December 14, 2010

Colby just turned eighteen a few months ago and is very confident for his age. He attributes that confidence to his commitment to a structured workout routine that he has been on for the past two years, which has given his chest and body a remarkable build.

He’s a corn-fed boy from the suburban Midwest who’s never traveled away from home. He was fascinated with beach life, the surfers, and of course, the girls. It turns out the place he wants to visit most is Australia and all the interesting things it has to offer.

There’s definitely something to be said about a guy who’ll try anything at least once. Colby has a very fearless nature. Although he has been a bit sheltered in the suburbs, he wants to explore and try everything, from bungee jumping to sky diving to piloting planes to, well... being naked!
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