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Centaur - Man Academy - Where Boys Grow Up!
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Man Academy is a school like no other.  No-nonsense, slightly wacked, Chad Johnson uses his 11" dick and the hugely hung cadet officers to teach the underclassmen how to take it like men. Feel the blood stir in your own cock as you watch fresh, young asses writhe in pain and pleasure as they are pushed to their limits. Share sweet lustful abandon in 8 scenes as fingers, tongues, butt plugs, dildoes and big thick hard dicks plunge into these eager cadets' tight virgin assholes and plug their cock-hungry throats.  

Starring Sean Storm, Chad Johnson, Peter Rascek, Tuck Johnson, Clint Fox, Dolph Donvich, George Fleece, Jeremy Brooks, Ryan Reed and Bryan Score.

Autumn is "back to school" time and the boys have arrived at Man Academy to learn how to take it like a man. Obviously, someone went to summer school, because a few scenes will have you pounding your meat. Unfortunately, not everyone goes to the head of the class, as there are missed opportunities where hot action is cut short and variety overshadows the actors' obvious charms. The video smartly pairs baby-faced "recruits" with manly "instructors" who physically tower over the younger men. If you like your man-sex with a little bit of everything, this is for you.
In the barracks, cute, smooth newcomer Sean Storm quickly strips and beats off. His puckerhole screams "previews of coming attractions" and, on cue, new roommate Peter Rascek arrives. Rascek is a Czech god; tan, muscular body, penetrating eyes, luscious lips, hairy chest and huge, uncut cock. In real life, new roommates have zits and wear terry cloth robes. Fortunately, reel life has Adonis wander in naked, fondle himself and say in a heart-pounding accent, "Like what you see, cadet?" Storm proceeds to worship Rascek's butt poker. Later, hot images of Rascek's full lips, anxious tongue and Storm's demanding butt hole are regrettably brief. A frantic flurry of activity ends with Rascek packing Storm's hole with his butt-busting prod. Rascek dribbles a large load onto Storm's chest. Storm spunks too.
Poolside, we meet buff, brutish drill sergeant George Fleece putting a whiney Ryan Reed through his paces. Their oral play is observed through a window by Storm, who spurts a large goo-gob on the glass. Fleece and Reed retreat to the barracks where Fleece rams Reed with nice, hard thrusts. Who needs background music when you can hear the pounding?! In a hot twist, Fleece cums, flips over and begs to be fucked. Reed buries the bone but cums too quickly; Fleece spurts out load two.
In the office, Headmaster daddy Chad Johnson is spanking Clint Fox. After seeing Fox go down on Johnson, I understand why he got spanked; what an anemic blow job! Johnson fucks Fox while he drones phrases like "Take it like a man" he's hot, but I kept waiting for the beep so I could leave a message! Both cum but seemed to phone in their performances. This scene is worth watching just to see Johnson's colossal wanker shoved inside Fox the image reminds me of a fisting video.
Later on, Chad Johnson plunges a butt plug into Storm and orders him to clean his office. Instead, Storm plays with dildos, eventually easing his delectable hole on a huge one. He loves being fucked, and it shows when he blows his load. After another scene, Storm plays with an even larger dildo, cums all over his face and eats it. In a later scene, Storm is rewarded for cleaning the office by ripped, massively hung Tuck Johnson. Who knew domestic help got such benefits!? These guys ravage each other with lots of pig-sloppy kisses and enthusiastic 69ing! Johnson fucks Storm repeatedly while Storm convincingly says, "Thank you sir!" Tuck Johnson fires cum on Storm's butt, and the reliable Storm blows another load. These scenes with Storm are simple and hot.
The next scene teams Nordic buff Dolph Donovich with Rascek and Fox in a gymnasium. In many ways, this could be described as a "Whitman's Sampler" of sex, a little bit of everything: Wrestling, sucking, rimming, kissing, fucking but not enough of anything. Fortunately, it's quite a workout, and all are drenched with sweat and cum, redeeming the scene.
The next threesome has smooth, muscular officer Bryan Score putting jock-clad recruits Jeremy Brooks (formerly Blaine Bogart and looking like hot rough trade) and Reed through a final "manhood trial." This scene has a great visual of Reed kneeling before both engorged cocks with an altar behind him talk about phallic worship! Unfortunately, the image is cut short. Score dildo fucks each recruit, and then each takes a dildo ride at Score's instruction. Score has a very natural screen presence. All three shoot loads.
Finally, we learn that Reed and Brooks have graduated and can have sex as equals with Donovich, Fleece and Score. Lots of sizzling kissing, rimming, 69ing and some deep throat action, but once the fucking begins it gets confusing. Who's doing whom? Who's cumming? (four out of five guys cum but don't ask who.)
This video had some hot scenes and introduces voracious newcomer bottom Sean Storm. Director Chip Daniels was great in front of the camera and has a future behind it. Man Academy would have been a better video if it had remembered that, with the exception of cock size less is sometimes more.

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