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Cocksure Men - Bottoming 101 - John Magnum & Kevin Lane
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Have you ever wanted to be a porn star? Have you ever wanted to know just how the guys learn to perform and make it seem so effortless and hot?
Join Professor John Magnum as he grabs the unsuspecting intern Kevin for "Bottoming 101," an authoritative "How To" for anyone who wants to learn how to take a pounding from the professor.
Starting with a single finger and working through a series of progressively larger toys, Kevin gets his ass penetrated and stretched until it's ready for "the real thing." Once Professor Magnum thinks Kevin is ready, he shucks his pants and lets Kevin have it like only an experienced professional can. From the expressions on Kevin's face it's clear that he appreciates the quality of service he's 'receiving'. While riding John, Kevin cannot hold back any longer and he cums a HUGE load all over John's chest. Exhausted, Kevin retreats back to work and John cranks out a load of his own.

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