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Treasure Island Media - Cum Tunnels
Dice and Damon Dogg bring you CUM TUNNELS, a new fuck film shot entirely in Palm Springs, a place where men go to get away and drink, fuck, stretch holes, fist and take loads.  Seven new scenes including one crazy outta control 19-man gangbang of DAMIAN ARCA.

“It’s fucked up and raunchy." – Parker Logan

Cast: Damian Arca, Silver Steele, Dice, Michael Roman, JC Daniels, Dean Rogers, Parker Logan, Sebastian Saint, D. Arclyte, Brian Davilla, Tony Vox, Emmett Frost, Cameron Hardy, Dakota Hart, Kidro, Slut Nerd, Aaron Reese, Peter Rough, Justin Side, Eddy Sterling, Vincent, T. Willcox

Scene 1: Damian Arca & Silver Steele

SILVER STEELE likes an open sloppy hole. He welcomes DAMIAN ARCA to Palm Springs and promptly splits the kid wide open with his fat PA’d dick. That is just a warm up for them both. Determined to get DAMIAN’S butt gaping – SILVER shoves his entire fist in - making the hungry bottom squeal in delight. Each act of ass stretching gets DAMIAN’S nice uncut dick just a little bit harder.
SILVER is still just getting started. He inserts a PIG HOLE FUCKABLE PLUG into DAMIAN’S ass and THEN adds his cock, using it to plow. Feeling like he has got this ass where he wants it, he fucks it raw and then has DAMIAN sit on his meat.
Much to everyone’s surprise – as SILVER gets close to breeding DAMIAN – the horny bottom can’t hold back and starts shooting his jizz all over the top’s stomach and then feeds him his load. That sends the top man over the edge – DAMIAN presents his well-used hole ass up and STEELE squirts a thick creamy load of cum right into it.

Scene 2: Dice & Michael Roman

DICE is no fool. He decided to have some fun himself while in Palm Springs. He has had his eye on MICHAEL ROMAN’S thick cut cock since they met at a gangbang in New Orleans. MICHAEL is one horny muscle meathead. He starts off having DICE wet up his cock with his mouth and then returns the favor by eating his hole out before having him sit on his face so he can get it good and ready - all the while as DICE continues to suck him off.
Playtime is over and MICHAEL is ready to fuck and breed. He tosses DICE down on the bed and unceremoniously uses him as his personal fuck toy. Power pounding his cock in ass, holding him down, jiggling his ass around his dick. DICE fucks that cock back sliding his hole on the shaft, teasing it, begging for the cum that he knows he is going to get deep in his guts.

Scene 3: Damian Arca Gangbang

An open call to the men of Palm Springs resulted in this 40-minute 19-man pool party gangbang of a blindfolded DAMIAN ARCA. ARCA is a pig to the slaughter as the pack of horny men surround and corner him on the designated fuck bed. Things start off slow as just a couple of guys take turns tag-teaming the bottom. Little does he know that the group of men is slowly growing in numbers.
Then all hell breaks loose. DAMIAN is used by the tops, one after the other and is barely let up for air in a non-stop filling of both his mouth and ass. One by one – the guys step up and mount his hole.
SILVER STEELE – flips DAMIAN so he is riding his dick, then calls for the guys to add their cocks into the exploited fuck chute so he is double penetrated one after the other. The end result is one of the most impressive double fucking double cumshot scenarios as several men slide their dicks beside STEELE’S cock inside DAMIAN’S hole and then blast their loads until ARCA’S insides are a DNA chaotic mess.
As is that wasn’t enough – a couple of the men decide to fist ARCA’S hole that now has more than a dozen loads of cum inside it. Finally the last few stragglers who have not cum yet step up and breed.

DAMIAN is left one happy used lil’ cumdump. This scene here is definitely a hole stretcher.

Scene 4: Dice & JD Daniels

JD DANIELS has wanted to fuck DICE for a long time. He is like a kid in a candy store when presented with DICE’S open fuck hole. JD rims and eats his ass getting it real wet and ready for his dick.
JD slides in slow and you can see DICE is challenged by the man’s big black cock - which only seems to egg JD on. The selfish top pins DICE down on the bed so he has nowhere to go and is impaled by the massive dick. JD gets lost in the feeling of his cock sliding in and out as he starts to ram in and out in full fuck beast-mode.
Finally, JD puts DICE on his back so he can look him in the eye as he dumps his load and breeds. He makes DICE clean off his spent cock and then feeds his own cum from DICE’S ass to his mouth.

“That is a killer mean ass.” – JD Daniels

Scene 5: Damian Arca & Dean Rogers

It was less than 24 hours since DAMIAN’S mega gangbang when DEAN ROGERS wanted some more of that ass on his PA’d dick. Daddy DEAN slaps the boy around and makes him beg for his cock, having him tug on and squeeze his hard wired thick nipples that get his dick hard as a rock.
DEAN positions the bottom on the side of the bed half in the air bracing his legs and feet on the much taller man’s shoulders getting him ready for a good pounding. DEAN fucks DAMIAN hard and steadily building up in rhythm ramming and slamming his dick in.
DEAN isn't done yet. He has a single-minded goal – to get more of his cum in the boy. He uses it as lube to put his full fist into DAMIAN’S hole, getting him good and ready for JD DANIELS who is lying in wait in the next room.

Scene 6: Damian Arca, JD Daniels & Dean Rogers

5 minutes later… JD is ready to fuck and happy to have a total slut that he can use to pleasure his cock, with no concern for the cunt he's fucking. JD slams his dick in knowing DAMIAN loves it. He fucks hard in several positions - ramming the boy into complete submission.
DAMIAN proves once again he is just a hole and JD takes full advantage. He is almost there, almost there, almost there – no, he’s not really - he’s going to keep fucking for as long as he likes until it makes him cum and there is not a thing that DAMIAN can do about it.
Surprise! DEAN ROGERS has been lounging on the other bed the entire time enjoying JD and DAMIAN'S show. His cock getting harder and harder watching the rough breeding that has been happening in front of him.
JD commands the bottom to sit on DEAN’S dick and milk it with his cunt. The sight is too much for JD who decides to squeeze his cock into the already penetrated hole. The friction of JD’S cock on DEAN’S dick makes Daddy DEAN cum again and the two tops feed the boy every drop straight from his hole.

Scene 7: Michael Roman & Parker Logan

Fucking Drunk…

This is not the first time that PARKER LOGAN has fucked MICHAEL ROMAN. When the 2 fuck buds found out the other was in Palm Springs – they asked to do an on-cam fuck. MICHAEL had been out all day taking loads. So many he lost count. He had also been drinking and showed up with a bottle of tequila already 1/3 swallowed.
PARKER is completely turned on by the muscle stud being full of cum and liquored up. As he starts to open up the hole with his big fat cock and fuck it good – he starts to get turned on by the idea of MICHAEL being sloppy stupid fucked up drunk and encourages him to drink.
You can witness MICHAEL get stupid inebriated as the fuck goes on and PARKER gets to have his way with the sweaty slut pig's hole. When it comes time to breed, PARKER has MICHAEL take another swig of the tequila to send him over the edge as his squirts his cum in the totally fucked up fag’s hole.

Scene 8: Bonus - Sebastian Saint Solo

Age: 24 Height: 5'10" Weight: 152 lb. Cock: 8" Cut

SEBASTIAN SAINT is one of the producers and cameramen who went along on the Palm Springs trip. He is a straight – sometimes bi - Latino sex-positive exhibitionist. After watching all these guys fuck all weekend he was pretty horned up himself and wanted to show off his cock and how he makes it squirt when he is by himself and needs to rub a load out.
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