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MormonBoyz - The Calling - Elder Ingles and Lance Hart
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Elder Ingles was in a constant state of buzzing. He practically skipped everywhere he went, still high from the thrill of fucking his companion. It was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before and he wanted it all the time.

When Bishop Hart called him to his office for a follow up meeting, he could hardly contain his excitement. He had been so nervous before when the older man made him undress and played with his cock, but now, he wanted even more.

He knew his insatiable desire was unbecoming, so he did his best to keep it quiet. He didn’t want to be too eager, worried it could be a problem. Around the Brethren he continued to play the part of the shy, quiet missionary.

When he was back with Bishop Hart, it was hard for him to keep the rouse going.

His heart raced and his body practically vibrated with nervous anticipation.

Day 9:  Lance Hart
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