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Hot House - Perfect Fit (2004) 2-DVD set (VOB format)
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If there is such a thing as a gay Renaissance man, Aiden Shaw personifies him. He writes, he composes music, he acts. Plus, as he ages, his handsome good looks just continue to improve. He's the total package. But, even with all of these attributes, Aiden is perhaps best known for one asset: his beautiful uncut cock. It's too bad that some people can't appreciate the mind that is contained within the body, because Aiden's performances in gay porn are some of the best ever captured. Director Steven Scarborough, however, knows a real talent when he sees it, and in "Perfect Fit" Aiden is the thread that holds all of the pieces of the plot together. Aiden plays a man who, although he has never wanted for a partner when it comes to sex, is looking for more the "perfect fit," a guy who he is both sexually attracted to and with whom he can build a life.
Appropriately, Aiden is seen in virtually every scene, although he doesn't perform in all of them.
Everything about this movie is BIG! Super-hung Aiden Shaw leads a huge cast of twelve men with long fat dicks, sweaty hard bodies, plump round asses, hungry wet mouths and insatiable sexual appetites.  Join Aiden as he searches – forever hopeful – for that perfect soulmate out there…somewhere.

Stars:   Aiden Shaw, Collin O'Neal, Todd Maxwell, Matt Colmar, Joshua Adams, Jake Summers, Luis Vega, Dick Wolf, Hal Rodman, Mario Ortiz, Tag Adams, Bo Knight

1. Aiden Shaw, Mario Ortiz, Bo Knight, Matt Colmar, Jake Summers (white)
We join Aiden Shaw in his mind, furiously pounding his legendary rock-hard cock. As he begins to shoot his load, Shaw suddenly realizes he’s in the back of a sleazy video arcade spraying his spunk on cock-hungry Mario Ortiz. Shaw pushes Ortiz away and quickly zips his pants and leaves.
The other guys in the club descend on the cum-soaked Ortiz and continue the action. Peterbuilt Bo Knight swaps blowjobs with Ortiz until Matt Colmar and Jake Summers join them. Knight teases Summers' ass with his hard cock while Ortiz shoves his fat Latin cock deep down Colmar's throat. The scene turns into a sweaty orgy where all four hedonistic sex pigs kiss, lick, suck, rim, probe and fuck each other down and dirty, covering Colmar’s pretty round ass with hot, dripping loads.

2. Aiden Shaw, Tag Adams
As Aiden Shaw leaves the arcade, he passes Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf leaning against a graffiti-covered bookstore wall. As he turns around to check him out, a bright red truck passes by, hits the brakes and backs up to reveal innocent looking Tag Adams behind the wheel. Shaw jumps into the passenger seat without hesitation and rides off for another hook-up – leaving a disappointed Dick Wolf behind.
Knowing that he's got plenty of time before his coworkers arrive, Adams takes Shaw to his job site, a huge warehouse South of Market. They barely make it up the stairs before both men are naked and Adams falls to his knees to worship Shaw's giant tool. Adams proves to be anything but innocent as he greedily licks, sucks and deep-throats every inch of Shaw's huge piece. Desperate from the oral servicing, Adams shouts "I want that cock in my ass!" Eager to oblige, Shaw fucks the ever-loving hell out of him! From one end of the warehouse to the other Shaw drills his power tool deeper and deeper into Adams' bottomless hole, leaving him wide-eyed and drenched in sweat and cum. Shaw hurriedly gets dressed to leave, barely stopping long enough to take awestruck Adams' phone number.
found in compilation Whoppers 3 (HotHouse)

3. Todd Maxwell, Hal Rodman, Luis Vega
Meanwhile... Scene Three unfolds downstairs in the warehouse as Adam's humpy coworkers arrive for duty.  Todd Maxwell decides to help Luis Vega unload by going down on him, taking his long, fat Latin dick to the base. Built, hung newcomer Hal Rodman gets in on the action, smacking Maxwell in the face with his colossal cock. Being a full-service stud, Maxwell offers both holes to his coworkers for their use.
After Vega blows his load, Rodman throws Maxwell onto the bed of his truck and viciously fucks him first in his rugged, hairy face then in his fine huge ass. As he sits on the toolbox in the back of his truck, Rodman works his giant tool until he pumps gallons of hot cum all over Maxwell. You won't believe the load that sprays out of this world-class cock!

4. Collin O'Neal, Joshua Adams
Hot House Exclusive Collin O’Neal and boyfriend Joshua Adams ignite on the screen in scene four.  The unreal chemistry between these two will have your tool ready to go in seconds!  These two horn-dogs feast on each other’s huge tools in a spit-filled cock-sucking warm-up session. Adams has a sexy fucking face, especially when it’s stuffed with O’Neal’s horse-sized meat.
When Joshua can’t wait any longer, he mounts Collin in a reverse cowboy, treating you to the view of a lifetime.  Watch his huge pole bounce up and down as he rides O’Neal’s dick all the way to Heaven.  Collin then bends him over and nails his tattooed butt to the couch, finally shooting his load up and over Joshua’s back!

5. Dick Wolf, Aiden Shaw
We like happy endings as much as you do – so scene five replays the earlier scene where adorable studpup Dick Wolf cruises Aiden Shaw leaving the bookstore. This time, the Hot House Exclusive snares Aiden and they fuck on the cool blue sheets of a huge dungeon-bed.
Shaw's formidable cock is already standing straight up as they kiss passionately.  Wolf slowly moves toward Shaw's cock and takes it into his greedy mouth, gradually taking the entire 11+ inches; but Dick’s perfect round ass is the final destination. Aiden rides Dick’s sweaty butt without mercy; but one look into Dick’s face and you know who’s in charge.  This power-bottom handles everything the superstar has to offer…it’s no wonder the Adams Report has named Dick Wolf Newcomer of the Year!

Disk 2 (extras): Featurette (an in-depth interview and retrospective with Aiden, in which he talks about his relationship with Marcus Iron, and his recovery from a debilitating car accident); solo (with Aiden); slide-show (200-plus images); trailers; cum-shots chapter

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Length: 2:50:45 total
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