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CollegeDudes - Mike Gives His Hard Cock To Jason - Jason Wolf and Mike Lobo
Released June 20, 2019

Jason Wolf and Mike Lobo are ready to give you a great scene as they give each other an amazing orgasm, kissing gently until Jason drops to his knees to suck on Mike’s sweet cock.  Running his tongue and soft lips all over that dick, he makes sure Mike is hard as rock before lying back on the bed and letting Mike go down on him next.  Mike massages Jason’s member with his mouth and hands, working that cock up and down before climbing onto the bed and inviting Jason onto his dick.
Jason straddles Mike and rides him, starting off slow but working his ass harder as his tight hole stretches to fit Mike’s cock.  When Jason’s ass is warmed up he turns onto his back and spreads his legs wide open as Mike fills him up again, fucking him deeper than before as Jason plays with his own member.  Mike moans and grunts as he pounds Jason hard, giving him every inch of his throbbing hard dick until both these guys cum hard, leaving Jason dripping with hot jizz.
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