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Nova-Bijou - Big Brother Is Watching You (1981) DVD
VintageBarebackPre-condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom compilation
director Robert Walters

Dan Rockford
Danny Harper (nv)
Doug Harper
Jack Burke
Jeff Hunter (nv)
Les Roberts
Paul Howell (nf)
Rusty Evans
Scott Allen

Four unrelated loops.

1. Big Brother is Watching You
Danny Harper (nv), Doug Harper
Guy caught jerking off is spanked by his brother. Together they take a bath and end up sucking and fucking each other.

2. Sun Deck
Jack Burke, Les Roberts
A guy jerking off on a deck is joined by a hiker for sucking and fucking.

3. Marathon Man
Rusty Evans, Jeff Hunter (nv)
Guy wearing a jock strap dreams of sucking a friend in the shower.

4. Drive, He Said
Scott Allen, Dan Rockford, Paul Howell (nf) solo
Scott Allen is driven by his chauffeur (Paul Howell) to look for a trick. Dan Rockford fits the bill. The two sample each other's wares in the back seat as the driver jerks off while motoring through the streets.

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