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Load Enterprises - Rock Hard Men aka All Worlds - Construction Island aka Clair Prod - Mineurs de fond
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"Picture a good looking, muscular, well endowed Eastern European stud with six-pack abs and a golden tan in a construction site. Multiply that by eleven and you get one sweltering hot video by Csaba Borbely. Welcome to Construction Island.

Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage are new hires for a major reconstruction project that takes place on a remote island. As they approach the island by motorboat, they observe both the beauty of the landscape and the well-built construction workers. They take a tour of the grounds and survey the work that needs to be done, passing each muscle god more perfect than the last.

Two of the guys are Silvio Pantera and rod Stevens who take off to an abandoned house. Sylvio grabs Rod as they go up the steps and kisses him passionately on the mouth. Rod returns the kiss and they engage in a torrid, wet lip lock. Soon the overalls come off revealing hard cocks. Rod drops to his knees and begins sucking his friend's cock, jerking it alternately with his hand, his tongue paying special attention to the base of the dick head. Sylvio gets down and takes Rod's thick uncut cock in his mouth, his hands busy pulling on his own cock.

In a window above, Lucio and Kevin watch the action below just as Sylvio presses his face up against Rod's butt hole, eating and licking the sweet man-ass. Slowly, Sylvio pushes two fingers inside the hole, loosening it up to take on his equally big uncut banger. Rod raises one of his legs up on the low fence and opens his butt wide to receive Sylvio's cock. Sylvio enters Rod and settles into a rhythmic thrust. Sylvio sits on a stone fence while Rod rides his boner. Sylvio thrusts his cock up and down, sending Rod's own hard cock flapping about. They shoot their loads watching each other.

Lucio and Kevin wanders around the project site and come upon Adriano Lazarri and Philippe Collier. Adriano and Philippe go to a secluded rooftop for some private moments. They shed their overalls and Philippe wastes no time swallowing Adriano's manhood. Adriano face-fucks Philippe, rocking his hips back and forth. They trade places and Adriano deep throats Philippe's dick. From a window across the way, Lucio and Kevin spy on the sex-action. Philippe turns around and bends over for Adriano so he can munch on his tight hole. After Philippe's ass is nice and relaxed, Adriano penetrates him slowly but surely, all the way to the base of his shaft. Philippe lies down on the ground and Adrian fucks him some more in a missionary position. The two hunks stand next to each other and shoot their loads.

Lucio and Kevin are beginning to find that there's a lot of action between the men working on the site. So they continue their exploration and finds Gerardo Cortez, Fredy Costa and Julien Salieri taking a break. They strip off their clothes and start working on their boners. Gerardo is the tallest of the three, with a chiseled classic face, great pecs and a lean, muscular swimmer's build. Julien is shorter but possesses an awesome muscle-god body; Fredy is very good-looking and very well built. Julien is the first to cum, shooting a creamy load that cascades down his shaft. Gerardo follows with a thick gob of man juice. Fredy ends up the three way jerk off.

Resident bottom Rod Stevens pairs up with hunky, tattooed Julian Vincenzo for a body workout. Julian starts off by servicing Rod's thick cock, showing that a masculine man can appreciate a good piece of meat. Rod returns the favor and favors Julian with a blowjob. But what Rod wants is the big cock up his ass, so he spreads his cheeks to receive Julian's god-like bounty. Rod grimaces from the pain of sensation while Julian savors the friction Rod's tightness provides his sensitive cock. They change positions and Julian sits on the steps of the building, while Rod squats down, giving Julian enough space to pump his ass hard. This is followed by a scissor fuck on their sides and you see Julian's enormous cock sliding in and out of Rod's fuck hole. Julian cums and shoots all over Rod's balls. Julian gives more head to the sweat glistening Rod, who shows his appreciation by blowing a big wad.

It's close to the end of the workday. Lucio and Kevin call Hans Brooks over to help them relieve the tension in their groins. They whip out their rock hard cocks and feed them to Hans' eager mouth. As Hans goes back and forth servicing the two horny studs, Lucio and Kevin kiss each other. They move into a daisy chain suckfest with Lucio in the middle position. Lucio's cock is so thick Hans can barely take his cock in his already stretched mouth.

They get down to serious business with Kevin fucking Hans from behind, while Hans feasts on Lucio's monster cock. Having opened up Hans' fuck hole, Kevin makes way for Lucio to pile drive into Han's swollen hole. Kevin pulls on his own cock, as he watches Lucio assault Hans' eager ass chute. Having had two cocks up his ass, Han's shoot his load on his stomach while Lucio dumps his load on the bottom's cock and balls. Kevin pumps his cock until he, too, unloads a stream of hot jism. All in a days work!"

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