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Raging Stallion (Fetish Force) - Indecent Encounters
Tony Buff is the man in charge and he and his guards are full of piss and vinegar. Watch as they lead their prey through different levels of their fetish facility of cold steel and concrete where boys are abducted, institutionalized and trained to take it all. And all the inmates can do is quake with fear as they ponder their fate: how much fisting, watersports, impact play and brutal hardcore sex can they endure? Who will survive and which ones will end up as world class bottoms?

Scene #01, Opening Steel's Ass (Tony Buff, Chris Yosef & Preston Steel)
Tony Buff and Chris Yosef find themselves in the wet room yet again with Preston Steel. This time the intent is to open up Steel's tight hole. Steel sucks Yosef's cock as Buff works open the boy’s ass with his tongue. Buff breaks to piss on the two of them before going back to some ass eating. The smell of urine and sweat fills his nostrils and he is pleased. Buff begins fingering groaning Steel with some lube before moving Yosef into place to fuck the boy and open him up for Buff's big cock. Yosef can't resist pissing in the boys ass before Buff gets Chris to start fucking Preston. Steel moans in pleasure and pain, but the real pain begins when Buff shoves his monster cock in the boy's ass. The look on his face is sheer torture. Yosef gets so excited by the boy's agony he shoots his load over Steel's face before leaving the wet room for Buff to finish him off. After some more fucking and ass play Buff and Steel shoot their loads. Buff finishes with pissing on the boy again for a final wet down.

Scene #02, Rawlins' Fisting Session (Tommy Rawlins & Race Cooper)
Tommy Rawlins' fisting session is already in progress with Race Cooper's arm up Tommy’s ass to the elbow. With Tommy’s legs up on a gurney, Race continues to work Tommy open. Race slowly works Tommy’s hole with both hands then begins to punch fuck Tommy, and soon his asshole is gaping obscenely with lube oozing out. The fisting continues and Tommy presents his rosebud to Cooper, who fingers and fondles the fully bloomed hole before going back to the deep punch fucking. Tommy's chest heaves with excitement as he fears and welcomes every thrust. Tommy's asshole gets podded so much that his rectum swells and inverts making it protrude through the sphincter like a crimson bloom. Race goes at Tommy’s chasm with more intensity and speed until Race has Tommy stand and bend over the gurney for some power fucking, frequently pausing to have the fisting bottom show his rosebud which Race probes with his throbbing cock into. Race then flips Tommy up on the gurney and continues to pound him until Race blows two loads over Tommy’s cock and torso before sending the bottom back to his cage.

Scene #03, Pig Returns To The Hole (Alessio Romero & Kyle Wood)
A shirtless Alessio Romero returns a naked and wet Kyle Wood to the cell block. With his hard cock protruding from his pants, Romero forces his piss and cock down the Pig's throat. Tommy Rawlins watches in pleasure while stroking his cock. Kyle takes the throat fucking like the pig that he is while frantically stroking his own cock. Alessio shows no mercy as he throat fucks Kyle while spitting in his face and slapping him around. Tommy continues to watch and stroke his cock which grows in excitement as the Kyle's treatment becomes more brutal. Romero instructs Woods to piss all over himself then roughly smacks the Pig's wet chest and shoves his piss soaked hand down Woods throat. Alessio unleashes another torrent of piss on the piss covered Kyle, who then continues deep throating Alessio until he's ready to cum. Alessio shoots his load over the Pig's chest then grabs the ginger's Mohawk, pulling it until Wood cums. Alessio locks the Pig back into the hole and exits. Tommy, jerking off in excitement by all this action in the adjacent cell, blows his load and eats every drop of cum.

Scene #04, Forte's Flogging (Tony Buff & Leo Forte)
Tony Buff has Leo Forte braced against a St. Andrew's cross and starts to whip the naked man alternating swift hard strokes with less brutal slower swipes. Tony's Alpha is in high gear and he seems possessed with animalistic pleasure as he flogs Leo, who cries out as the whipping intensifies. Leo traverses from gasps and tears to screams and sobs, then collapses under the beating and regains his footing upon Tony's command. Tony teases him with gentle handstrokes then resumes whipping him more, swapping kindness with cruelty at his whim. Leo takes everything Tony gives until he completely breaks under Tony's final caress and collapses one last time in a pool of sweat and tears. The next morning Tony instructs the freshly anointed boy up onto the kitchen island where Tony makes a meal of his ass. Leo's ass opens eagerly under Tony's tongue before Leo is bent over the kitchen counter where he has the cum literally fucked out of him. Then, Tony blows his load on Leo's back before grabbing his coffee and saying good morning as he exits.

Alessio Romero
Chris Yosef
Kyle Wood
Leo Forte
Preston Steel
Race Cooper
Tommy Rawlins
Tony Buff
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