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Behind Friends - Raw Bathhouse Boner - Vito and Rudy Martins (1080p)
Handsome Vito likes to relax at the bathhouse after a long day at the office, and it never usually takes him long to find a new friend. After getting ready he heads inside and goes to enjoy a shower, catching the appreciative eye of equally sexy young Rudy. The young man knows a good looking hunk when he see's one, watching him shower from the bench in the steam room, stroking his hard cock gently while muscled Vito displays his rock hard cock and his smooth and tempting ass.

The tease only becomes more intense as Vito performs against the glass for his new fan, his wet and slippery cock sliding around, watching Rudy masturbating to the show. It goes without saying that they need to make contact and the moment Rudy joins him in the shower their stiff dicks are grinding and frotting while they kiss. Rudy is the first to get a taste, dropping to his knees to suck on the curved and rigid length of his new pal's boner. Rudy loves to suck a good dick, but he's just as happy when Vito returns the favor and gets his handsome face on his rock solid rod too.

It seems Vito wasn't kidding when he said he was real horny, he's soon got his new friend up against the wall for some rimming, prepping Rudy's hole for his naked uncut cock to slide right in. Our bottom isn't used to it, his hole is so tight it takes Vito a little while to work his meat in there, but once inside his new friend is riding that cock and wanking himself off, loving every moment of it. With Vito's cock humping up into his hole Rudy announces he's about to unload, mere milliseconds before a volley of cum leaps from his helmet to splash out over the tiled floor. Still hard and stroking his spent cock, Rudy lays on the wet floor for his friend to finish up, giving his hole a few more thrusts before pulling out and drenching his balls thighs with creamy goodness.

Vito really needed to get off and Rudy was the perfect raw bathhouse boner buddy!
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