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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Dave Swanson and Ivanek Ukara RAW - RAUNCHY
Dave Swanson is wrapped in plastic on his couch when he is joined by Ivanek Ukara. Ivanek kisses his way down Dave’s chest and removes the plastic to reveal a lovely hard cock. He takes hold of Dave’s cock and begins to suck on it. Dave watches Ivanek’s head on his throbbing dick as the lips wrap tight around his shaft. Ivanek then kisses Dave again and returns to sucking on that big cock. Dave’s dick goes deep into Ivanek’s mouth and then comes out for the shaft to be licked. Dave kneels with his ass up for Ivanek to have access to his tight hole. He finger's that hot hole as he wanks on Dave’s cock . Having loosened the hole Ivanek is ready to fuck so Dave kneels on the bed as his buddy stands behind him to slide his cock deep into the waiting hole. Ivanek fucks that ass deep, spanking the ass as he does so. His rock hard cock works in and out of Dave’s hole with long, deep thrusts. Ivanek keeps giving the ass the occasional slap as he fucks hard into Dave’s hole. Then Dave turns over with his legs in the air to take that cock some more. He moans as the big cock works his hole so well. Dave wanks himself as he takes the cock. He keeps wanking until his cock releases the hot cum, shooting it onto his body as Ivanek’s dick is deep in his ass. Ivanek continues to fuck hard, stretching that hole wide. His cock pounds the hole until he too is ready to shoot his load. Then he pulls out and dumps his huge, creamy, cum shot all over that sexy face. Ivanek milks his dick dry and Dave swallows all cum.

Released: 9 August, 2019
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