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YoungPerps - Case No 1905062-34 - Petty Theft - Pierce Paris Fucks Brayden Wolf (720p)
May 24th, 2019. 10:24 AM. Petty Theft. 21-Year-Old White Male, 5’10”. Perp is detained after his friends are caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise from the store. He seems to be oblivious to his friends’ crimes, but the Officer informs him that he is culpable and will be charged as an accomplice. When asked to identify himself, the Officer deduces that the suspect is fabricating information. After confronting him about the falsified address, the Officer determines that proper in-store theft protocol will be followed with or without suspect cooperation. The perp wants to avoid law enforcement involvement and attempts to negotiate with the Loss Prevention Officer using any means necessary.
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