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Mustang - Hunted
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Imagine a club where you can become the sexual prey of anyone with a steady hand and a keen eye.
Imagine a club where men size up their catch from around corners, concealed from your line of view.
When a red laser beam cuts through the smoky haze and hits your bare chest, things are just starting to heat up. It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse and the stakes go beyond domination and control. Will the hunted fall victim to the hunter, or will the hunter get captured by the game?

1. Jason Ridge, Marcos David, Parker Williams
The first one tagged is Jason Ridge. He's got to submit to Marcos David and Parker Williams...and submit he does! Ending up as the meat in a Parker/Marcos Lucky Pierre sandwich.

2. Brad Rock, Josh Weston
When Brad Rock tags Josh Weston, fireworks and spectacular sexual chemistry burn up the screen as the two go at it.

3. Brad Rock, Marco Paris, Troy Punk
Next Brad is paired up with Marco Paris and Troy Punk. The three well-muscled studs go at it in the Mustang tradition.

4. Trey Casteel, Robert Van Damme, Rob Ramos, Marcos David
The last scene is an explosive orgy featuring muscular, masculine Trey Casteel, Robert Van Damme, Rob Ramos and Marcos David.
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