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Scene 3 from CUM TUNNELS

An open call out to the men of Palm Springs resulted in this 40-minute 19-man pool party gangbang of a blindfolded Damian Arca. Arca is a pig to the slaughter as the pack of horny men surround and corner him on the designated fuck bed. Things start off slow as just a couple of guys take turns tag-teaming the bottom. Little does he know that the group of men is slowly growing in numbers.

Then all hell breaks loose. Damian is used by the tops, one after the other and is barely let up for air in a non-stop filling of both his mouth and ass. One by one – the guys step up and mount the hole.

Silver Steele – flips Damian so he is riding his dick. Silver then calls for the guys to add their cocks into the exploited fuck chute so he is double penetrated one after the other. The end result is one of the most impressive double fucking double cumshot scenarios as several men slide their dicks beside Steele’s cock inside Damian’s hole and then blast their loads until Arca’s insides are a DNA chaotic mess.

As is that wasn’t enough – a couple of the men decide to fist Arca’s hole that now has more than a dozen loads of cum inside it. The last few stragglers who have not cum yet step up and breed. Damian is left one happy used lil’ cumdump. This scene here is definitely a hole stretcher.

Featuring D. Arclyte, JD Daniels, Brian Davilla, Tony Fox, Emmett Frost, Cameron Hardy, Dakota Hart, Kidro, Parker Logan, Slut Nerd, Aaron Reese, Dean Rogers, Michael Roman, Peter Rough, Justin Side, Silver Steele, Eddy Sterling, Vincent, and T Willcox
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