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Midnight Men Video - Long Johns
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Despite being shot on video, Brown manages to keep the quality good in this simple tale of horny cowpokes. Some guys are hairy, some smooth - but NONE of these guys have shaved/trimmed body parts! While background music might seem unimportant to some, this is NOT cheesey Casio-disco crap, but low-key harmonica/guitar strumming...(or is that a banjo?)... sometimes just the sounds of "nature" - birds, running water.

1. Sean Gregory, Denton Crane

Judd (Denton Crane) asks Luke (Sean Michaels) about the help wanted sign and gets sent to see Mr. Tanner (Sean Gregory). The much older Tanner takes a hands on approach to inspecting Judd's physical qualities. Tanner decides Judd has what it takes and unbuttons the 'scrawny'' applicant. Under the ministrations of Tanner's mouth Judd is quickly at attention. Pulling Judd's pants down Tanner opens the back of Judd's long johns and rims him. With Judd free of his clothes he gives Tanner a good face fuck and then sucks Tanner's fat cock through his long boxers. Judd goes like a hungry calf on a teat as the two slap each other. Tanner turns around for a little rimming and reverse fucking. Judd bends over a chair for the same treatment punching the furniture in ecstasy. They go back and forth fucking and slapping face with cock, Tanner is mostly silent but Judd groans and gasps up a storm. Tanner gives a small cum shot on Judd's chin and chest and Judd pulls off a decent one with Tanners ass hovering inches above it. Judd gets the job.

2. Chris Michaels

Interspersed with the first scene Luke (Sean Gregory) jerks off on his hairy tatooed stomach, seamingly with lube from an oil can.

3. Chris Michaels, Denton Crane

Back at the bunkhouse, Judd tells the pantsless Luke that he got the job then leans down to kiss Luke on the mattress. Luke is soon in Judd's pants and then they get naked rolling around on the bed in a 69. Judd gets Luke on his back with Lukes legs wrapped around Judd but nothing gets penetrated until Luke turns over and his stomach and lets Luke fuck his upraised ass hard. Judd pulls out just in tiime to shower Luke's back with cum.

4. Denton Crane, Jesse Fairweather

Judd is back in his black long johns sitting on the outhouse hole and Red (Jesse Fairweather), in red long johns sits on the seat next to him, reaches through the divider slats and strokes Judd's hard again cock. Red profers his cocks through the slats and Judd goes down on it. Judd jerks the cock to a fountain of cum and then licks the head of the spent rod. Judd jerks himself off to a third orgasm and pokes his own dick throught the slats. Red ties a leather cock strap around the balls of the offering, ties it to the slats and leaves Judd to figure out how to get loose.

5. Tom Foster, Chris Orion

At the same time that the two cowpokes are getting it on in the stalls, Theo (Tom Foster) comes up behind a naked Boy (Chris Orion) cleaning himself off at the wash tub. Boy gets his ass grabbed and Theo offers to help clean him off. Theo gives head to Boy who then returns the same. Theo licks Boy's ass clean then puts the young string bean down on his back and gives him a table wrattling fuck. Boy sits up and the two jerk out their cum on each other.

6. Chris Michaels, Chris Orion, Denton Crane, Jay Baracas, Jesse Fairweather, Tom Foster, Sean Gregory

At bedtime with everybody in the bunkhouse sharing whiskey and smokes, the staff get on a little orgy to help get to sleep. Theo starts things off by sucking on Judd on the upper shelf. Bill (Jay Baracas) and Luke soon follow suit with Boy joining them. Judd gets a thorough ass, cock and ball lick and climbs into Theo's lap. Luke and Boy work on Bill's cock with Red joining in for a foursome with his dick between Luke's upturned ass cheeks. Theo and Judd continue sucking and rimming but then Bill takes over reaming duties on Luke's ass. Sweaty Judd and Theo come down to join the other four, Judd riding Luke's face while he sucks Bill. Meanwhile Red has the oil can out, oiling up any ass hole that sits still long enough for him to get his fingers on. Theo and boy split off to work on the cock and loose balls of the very hairy Bill. Bill gets a rope out and beat's Boys ass with it and Red takes over fucking Luke's hole with Judd probing his other end. Theo and Bill lube up Boy's hole and fuck it. Suddenly Red grabs Judd's hands, ties them up and strings the new guy up on a hoist and slaps the poor defenseless ass. Mr. Tanner barges in on the action, let's Judd down and kisses the still bound employee as he caries him out of the bunkhouse.

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