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Falcon Studios / HUGE Video / Matt Sterling - Scorcher
Cast: Chip Daniels, Chris Stone, Erik Houston, Karl Thomas (us), Phil Bradley, Sean Colby, Tom Farrell
Almost two full hours of powerful and daring action. A sensational experience starring Sean Colby.

Scene 1
Karl Thomas and Tom Farrell get it on in a sport utility vehicle. Karl Lovingly sucks Tom's huge cock while working his own ass up and down the shaft of a monster dildo. Faced with Karl's expert sucking skills, Tom unloads quickly and turns his attention to Karl's cock and ass...deepthroating cock and fingering Karl's ass while Karl tongues his own cock. Tom fills Karl's ass with a dildo...pumping him hard pushing him over the edge of orgasm. Karl shoots in his own mouth as Tom continues to work his hole.

Scene 2
Chip Daniels and musclestud Phil Bradley get busy working out their erotic tension. Chip lovingly licks Phil's butt and rims his hole...working his way around to Phil's stiff cock for some deep-throat action. Phil tweaks Chip's tits and works his cock as Chip rims Phil tirelessly. The studs 69 for awhile until Phil slides his cock deep in Chip's ass. Phil pounds hard deep and rhythmically, finally pulling out to blast Chip with his load...inspiring Chip to shoot his own.

Scene 3
Chris Stone lovingly sucks Erik Houston's beautiful cock. Erik loves watching Chris swallow his cock....watching his cock disappear in Chris's throat. Totally turned on, Erik buries his cock in Chris's ass...pounding him hard and fast. Hungry for Chris's cock, Erik pulls out and startes to suck. Chris forcefully pounds his face...holding hard on the back of Erik's head and pounding hard as he makes Erik take it all. Erik really gets into it and being face fucked gets his rhythm going....soon he's working that hard cock just right. Chris flips Erik on his back and slides his cock deep in Erik's ass. He pounds evenly at first, then picks up the pace and gives it to Erik good...pumping the load out of him before delivering his own thick steady streams.

Scene 4
Musclestud Sean Colby thumbs through a girly-mag and starts working his cock. Chip Daniels (non-sexual role) watches through the open door as Sean jacks his cock into a thick geyser.

Scene 5
Chip Daniels and Erik Houston get together and get it on. Chip guides Erik's mouth down to his cock, then slams it deep into Erik's throat. Erik eagerly sucks it harder and harder until finally Chip is too hot to hold off returning the favor. As Chip slurps Erik's cock, Erik fingers Chip's hole and eventually the studs reposition themselves for some 69 and mutual butt-play. After an extended session of ass-play, Chip slides his hard cock in Erik's hole...first allowing Erik to fuck himself on Chip's cock...then giving Eric a fast and hard pounding...working his cock hard in Erik's hole and triggering a double load of cum.

Length: 1:26:59
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