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Ransom - Hot Load
Ransom Video and Jonny Ransom's debut release - "Hot Load". In the tradition of hardcore studio Treasure Island, you get nearly two hours of non-stop manly men... muscular, masculine, and horny as hell. This is intense raw, eye-popping raunchy mansex... and of course it is literally overflowing with "hot loads!"

SCENE 1 Dan Fisk and Joey Russo
This scene opens with some REAL passionate kissing (the kind you can't fake) and two handsome men. These two DEFINITELY have great chemistry together. Dan wastes no time getting Joeys pants down and without hesitation dives mouth first into Joey's pert ass and beautiful hole then gives it the attention it deserves. After Joey's ass receives a proper tongue bath, Dan takes his time teasing Joey's saliva laden slippery Ass with his big hard cock until Joey's hole is practically crying out in anticipation to be pounded into next week.
Dan certainly obliges with the HOT Dicking that follows and delivers not only one, but two cum shots into Joey's welcoming Hot Hole. Joey is so turned on, he blows his load too, in between Dan's double cum shots. These two intimate sex pigs are equally matched, Joey's big cock loving bottom energy and Dan's Hot Hole loving energy create a visually and sexually stimulating scene!

SCENE 2 C.J. Banks and Gianni Luca
These two handsome young men are a prime example of opposites attracting, one a handsome young white man with blond hair, blue eyes and a BIG hard cock, and the other a young Latino man with dark good looks, athletic body and an ass that won't quit. These two are so into kissing each other; they sort of lose themselves in the moment and take a little longer getting to the fucking, but it is well worth the wait watching that Latin bubble butt grinding and teasing C.J.'s big hard cock before they both succumb to their animalistic urges to shove it in Gianni's hole.
Talk about A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N! I was really glad they were into each other and I reminded them people are going to want to see some Ass Fucking soon! They both immediately took it to the next level as Gianni eagerly jumps right on C.J.'s cock like a kid wanting to ride the quarter-a-ride carousel horses in front of the grocery store and rides like a pro, while C.J. delivers quite the pounding, all to our visual benefit. Gianni sure can take a big cock up his ass like a man and his wincing handsome face throughout the scene is a total turn on and reminds us that there is whole lot of pleasure in a little bit of pain!

SCENE 3 Chris Leaper and Joe Mason
Two very young, but legal, handsome lads start this one out. They have beauty, youth, and sexually excitable energy on their side, which sets the stage for some beautiful imagery and access to a long forgotten sexual innocence in this scene. Joe told me privately after he initially met Chris in person, that he was really attracted to him, but VERY nervous about his first porn scene. I told him it would be no problem that he was nervous and to go with whatever he was thinking/feeling in the moment, as long as it was all REAL.
I love nothing more than to see on screen, a fresh-faced, rosy-cheeked, handsome young guy experiencing and exploring that nervous and very real sexual energy that comes along with a legitimate sexual attraction to your first time sex partner. These two are aesthetically pleasing to watch and it's very reminiscent of earlier days when we were all about sex, were somewhat inexperienced and possibly worried about unleashing our inner sexual natures into the world at large.

SCENE 4 Sage Daniels and Ben Singleton
In stark contrast to the previous scene, these two ethnic muscle men most definitely have sexual experience under their belts! They look great, know what they're doing and go for the sheer greedy pleasure filled parts of sex. These two juxtaposed muscle men are more into busting their nuts and getting off, rather than playing kissy face. Sage and Ben were initially in the shower to wash up before their scene, but couldn't keep their hands off of each other, so we went with the raw energy of the moment and did the scene in the shower! First off, Sage gets his ass devoured by Ben, then returns the favor getting Ben's brown muscle hole all slick with spit and ready to take the pounding he delivers.
Sage uses that brown muscle butt to make his cock blow a good sized load, mustered from the depths of his balls. I always LOVE when cum shots come from fucking ass and not from jerking it out! There is nothing like seeing a Hot Load squirting on a brown ass, showcasing every last pearly cum drop!

SCENE 5  3 Way with Sage Daniels, Jake Wetmore and Timm Zane
I will start out by saying Manage-a-HOT! These three sensual cum whores really redefine the idea of a three way scene. Scrap the usual idea of static sex roles and the odd man out scenario. Each of these three guys is Versatile and a Greedy Cum Whore. This literally sets the stage for some of the hottest switch hitting action I have ever seen in bareback porn. The camera follows the action in real time and leaves in some editing imperfections to keep with the “Real-Feelings of the switch hitting action this scene offers up.
Hot Bodies, Handsome Faces, Sexy Tattoos, Blatant Sexual Gluttony and The Ever Elusive Three Way Chemistry fill this scene to the brim when these Super Hero-looking Sex Pigs get together. Everyone fucks and gets fucked in this scene. This scene has a little bit of everything that three people can do together sexually.
Ass-to-Mouth Action, Sandwich Fucking and Double Penetration abound in this scene while cum shots are doled out VERY generously. In fact, Sage gives so many cum shots in this scene that I lost count how many there are. Sage can throw a good fuck either way, as a top or a bottom and really stands out in this scene as a virtual cum machine!
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