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[GayFruit] Cal - Some Men Like It Hard
OMG... We have seen suspension tickles before but nothing like this. Just look at the muscle tone on Cal, stunning, and that's before you notice the semi boner he is popping in those sexy tighty whities. ToNike walks in with a feather in his hand and strokes Cal's rippled side and the guy is swinging and singing a beautiful tune of laughter in a flash. Making the most of it he starts to run his fingers up and down, lingering at the edible shaved pits (and who wouldn't). Keeping Cal giggling in a way that is catching and guaranteed you want to join in. The camera angles are all perfect, switching from juicy low shots with the boner in full frame to wide shots of the tickling hands working their magic. Watching Cal strain and try to lift himself away from ToNike just makes every muscle taught and the definition breathtaking. Cal really is a ticklers dream guy, ticklish with a lovely laugh and a body that cries out to be taken to new levels of pleasure all the time. The tickling is so deep that Cal is going red in the pits and you do not see that everyday. A moments respite and ToNike nips off to grab a small brush so he can work on Cal's toes and soles, spend some time here and just look at the guys feet, have you ever seen such soft feet on a man before? I haven't, this guy really does look after himself. Impossible to escape from the suspension Cal hops as much as he can in fits of laughter as his toes are brushed. Back of the delights of the wide open pits and Cal is really going wild now - I wonder looking at him which will break first, the chains or the briefs which are obviously under great pressure from within as his bone seems to be growing before my eyes. I don't know how he does it but ToNike finishes and walks off, I couldn't just leave Cal there he is just so delicious he has to be tickled - watch the clip but for goodness sake keep the tissues handy you WILL NEED THEM.
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